Data Science Program Manager

Location: Pune - India

Schlumberger has an opening in Pune, India for Data Science Program Manager. This Manager will be responsible for leading the development of big data, analytics and machine learning solutions for Schlumberger E&P (Exploration & Production) workflows.



  • Lead the development of big data, analytics and machine learning solutions for Schlumberger E&P (Exploration & Production) workflows
  • Lead a team of data scientists globally to
  • Developing data science roadmaps with software executive business leadership teams.
  • Develops and deploys modern machine learning, statistical and ensemble methods for finding patterns and models from business and operational data.
  • Performs in-depth investigations of data problems employing statistical skills and developing predictions.
  • Develops and delivers synthesized predictive research findings that incorporate multiple le business operational databases and provide tangible business insight.
  • Uses analytics and data to understand business KPIs and to develop ways to extend them towards increasing fidelity or insight.
  • Works with multi-functional teams focused on enterprise data, data quality, business intelligence, operational data and enterprise resource planning integration to deliver data driven insights.
  • Engages with the external technical and business community to brand and differentiate analytics.
  • Participates in technical and recruitment forums and events


  • Master or PhD (preferred) degree in Data Science or related fields (CS, Math, or equivalent)
  • 10+ years’ experience in Data Science domains
  • 5+ years’ experience of managing Data Science projects
  • E&P knowledge and experience is a plus


  • Comprehend a variety of analytical techniques suitable for the type of data being reconciled
  • Understand how to construct precise combinations of the data variables to minimize memory and computation power required, while still retaining data accuracy
  • Implement concepts, processes or trends to create best solution to deliver value and efficiency
  • Working knowledge of basic programming languages
  • Utilize data visualization to show operational and business conditions
  • Understanding of industry standard BI/Data warehousing and ETL process.


  • Analytical/Critical thinker
  • Creative and innovative in problem solving
  • Result and quality focus
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong sense of ownership, urgency and commitment
  • Experience with technical solution handling complex and high volume transformations


Pune Technology Center (PuTC)

Schlumberger is leading a digital transformation of the oil and gas industry to enhance real-time global collaboration, operational efficiency, and the integration of data, expertise, and technology information. Our technology services and solutions translate acquired data into useful information that improves decision-making—anytime, anywhere. Our refreshing approach to information technology offers enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity in our industry. Throughout, we maintain agile methodology and skilled development processes.

Currently, Schlumberger has the fifth largest super computer infrastructure in the world, comprising more than 65 petaflops of processing power. In Pune we have been growing fast and if you have talent and expertise then you may be looking at a challenging and fulfilling career at Schlumberger. Keeping pace with and applying the latest digital technology trends in the oil and gas industry is the main focus of who we are.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.



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