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Field Specialist



Our Field Specialists focus on the vital technical and operation procedures that ensure our sites are safe and our customers get an exceptional service. You’ll receive intensive training in troubleshooting, safety, client interaction and develop a deep technical understanding of what we do. Through a combination of hands-on learning and formal training, you’ll become the company’s representative on-site, with supervisory responsibility. You’ll work through a range of complex, practical challenges and develop innovative strategies for solving them.

Field Specialist
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  • Develop necessary technical and supervisory abilities to perform duties required in your business line’s range of services and products
  • Develop functional and technical skills to a high standard
  • Help plan, prepare and execute jobs to design and client specifications
  • Oversee field operations, including engineering deployment, maintenance, job planning, and operational reporting
  • Effectively supervise a crew and/or processes within a year
  • Help prepare wellsite reports and post-job debriefings
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Male SLB engineer holding controls in blue coveralls


  • Two-year technical degree (associate degree) or military experience
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to think methodically
  • Ability to work well under pressure and without supervision

Our early careers job postings provide an opportunity for students and recent graduates to submit an application for consideration and do not correlate with a specific vacancy at this point in time. Submitting your details will enable us to match you to future career opportunities. Please read the qualifications section carefully before applying—we will only consider candidates who meet the minimum listed criteria.