Field Technical Analyst

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Field Technical Analyst


As a Field Technical Analyst, you’ll provide technical expertise to teams across the site and use your knowledge to help them deliver exceptional service. Using a variety of tools and techniques, you’ll apply your theoretical understanding to the practical challenges we face on-site every day. That includes creating formation evaluation logs and helping analyze and interpret cuttings to determine the rock type and hydrocarbon presence. You’ll also help monitor the well parameters and maintain sensors to understand well conditions. You’ll receive extensive training that expands your technical knowledge and hands-on skillset.

Field Technical Analyst
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  • Provide pre and post-job support including risk analysis to other field colleagues
  • Support on planning, preparing, executing, and debriefing jobs
  • Help prepare wellsite reports
  • Understand rig components and roles of different Schlumberger product lines within the industry
  • Continually identify and implement best practice in your work
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  • Bachelor of science degree in Geology, Geological Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, or Applied Sciences
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Logical thinking skills combined with a focus on the detail
  • Determination to continually develop and improve

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