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An internship is your opportunity to understand how we work and whether our culture is right for you. It’s also your chance to show us that you have the right skills and attitude to succeed here. Our internships are paid positions, and last between a few months to a whole year—offering opportunities to use what you’ve learned at university on real projects.

Technology Internship
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An internship in Technology is your opportunity to understand the innovations driving our industry forward and how we make them happen. You’ll be challenged to find practical solutions to real industry challenges with the support of a team of experts. It’s a unique insight into the science, data, engineering, and more that are not only driving Schlumberger, but also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

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Technology internships include Digital Technology, and Engineering and Manufacturing. When you apply we’ll match you to a team that suits your academic experience and interests. The work you do will meet the criteria for internships at most schools and universities. To apply, you must have completed three years of an undergraduate degree, or be in a Master’s or PhD program, in engineering, applied science, manufacturing, or supply chain.

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Our early careers job postings provide an opportunity for students and recent graduates to submit an application for consideration and do not correlate with a specific vacancy at this point in time. Submitting your details will enable us to match you to future career opportunities. Please read the qualifications section carefully before applying—we will only consider candidates who meet the minimum listed criteria.