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Schlumberger culture

Our culture is key to our success. We rely on our community of colleagues to challenge and support each other to achieve our ambitious goals. We are looking for people who are driven, committed and act with integrity to become part of one of the most multi-cultural groups of experts in any industry, anywhere. We are global in outlook and local in practice; united by a shared passion for discovery and commitment to constantly pushing boundaries. That attitude informs everything we do from how we work together, to how we approach development, to how we design our training programs.

It's your platform

The way we recruit reflects the way we work. We hire talented, driven people and put them in the position to succeed as quickly as possible. Wherever you join us, your managers and colleagues encourage you to perform at your best and support you to do exceptional work. Our meritocratic culture means you’ll be recognized for your achievements, and enjoy a rewarding career that offers continuous opportunities for personal growth.

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Women in technology
Diversity is a key part of our success and we have had a major focus on gender balance for nearly 25 years. Read more about our support of women in STEM initiatives in our Global Stewardship report.
Developing future leaders
Our people often go on to become leaders here or in the wider industry. Over 90% of our executive team joined Schlumberger at the beginning of their careers.
Dynamic work environments
Whether it’s a rig in Latin America or a state-of-the-art laboratory in the Middle East, the strength of our culture means you’ll work in a fast-paced, supportive work environment.
Borderless careers
Our approach to career building means you’ll have dedicated systems and an open honest dialogue with managers and HR helping you develop your career with potential opportunities across regions, functions and businesses.

“I never stop learning, whether I am in the classroom or on the job. I am continually offered opportunities by my managers to progress and develop as an employee, and I am currently studying for a Schlumberger-sponsored Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas Industry Management.” - Christelle, WIT Sales Manager

What this means for you

Joining Schlumberger means becoming an active part of our global community. You’ll harness world-leading technology, tap into an unparalleled network of experts and benefit from managers genuinely invested in helping you build your career. At Schlumberger, we’re built on a commitment to doing what’s right, not what’s easiest. You’ll be joining an organization defined by its people’s ambition. So, you’ll be given the platform to challenge ordinary thinking, make decisions that drive real change and help us push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Career development

We are known for training the exceptional leaders that go on to lead Schlumberger and those who lead the industry elsewhere. We do that by combining best-in-class support, unparalleled commitment to training and trusting you with real responsibility, right away. You’ll experience our borderless careers approach as soon as you join us. It means that throughout your career you’ll have continuous opportunity to develop the strengths, competencies and experiences to always find the right opportunities for you to keep challenging yourself. That could be in the same role, a similar one or in a new region, function, or business.


Learning and development is fundamental to both your success and the success we achieve as a business. That’s why we invest so much in structured development programs and why we believe good training must be a partnership between you and us. That partnership starts on your first day and continues as long as you’re here. It’s a combination of structured programs at our global network of learning centers, on-the-job learning with experienced managers, self-training using the latest technology, and mentoring. You’ll work with your manager every year to develop an annual plan that will unlock the right career opportunities and develop your talents to their full potential.

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