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The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Data Scientist

Clamart - France

Come and Join Schlumberger’s AI Lab in Paris. We are currently actively hiring bright minds specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Be part of the adventure with a multinational company bringing a little bit of the Silicon Valley in Paris. Join a team of young and fun passionate Data Scientists, working in sprints on real business challenges, in tandem with business experts who are sitting at your desk.

The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Data Scientist helps develop software and processes that can be used for robotics, artificial intelligence programs and application. In close collaboration with the business and métiers, the data scientist offers mathematical and statistical models from the collected data to augment, improve or speed up human decisions within the Oil & Gas sector.


With Schlumberger you will be given the opportunity to apply your expertise and deploy deep learning solutions at scale on real-world problems, supporting many areas of Schlumberger’s business. As part of the Schlumberger AI Lab, you will benefit from a balance of Internal Intellectual Property and Opensource contribution on the different projects and problems tackled. Schlumberger is the first Oil & Gas service company to move its processes and workflows in the cloud. This gives the AI Lab the perfect opportunities to leverage these innovative technologies and resources. As part of the AI Lab you will be able to test, experiment and research with the bleeding edge environment with Petabits and Petabits of data.


The responsibility includes tight collaboration with the business as part of scrum teams of two or three data scientist and business subject matter engineers. You will be in charge of applying research and delivery of Proof of Concepts solutions, responding to a clear and specific business needs. Extra scope of the role is small project management, data preparation, data analysis, model development and exploration in the domain of Artificial Intelligence.



Reports to the AI Lab Manager


Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

The Artificial Intelligence domain aims to exploit advances in natural language processing, computer vision and machine learning to offer differentiated assets and solutions to Schlumberger product groups and platforms.


Experience and Competencies:

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics & Statistics with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence cursus.

- Must be enrolled in and currently pursuing a PhD or PhD Graduate

Domain-Specific Skills:

· Machine/Deep Learning (algorithms, neural networks, …)

· Natural Language Processing (detection, classification)

· Computer Vision (object recognition/tracking, OCR/handwriting recognition, …)

· Speech to Text, Text to Speech

· AI vendor platforms: Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, IBM, …



- Innovative, talented and energic professional

- A strong interest in leading edge technology, and in user experience/usability.

- Computer Skills (Python, Java, Go, C#/C++, TensorFlow, R, pyTorch, …)

- Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Engineering Skills

- Communication Skills

- Excellent Problem-Solving Skills

- Excellent Mathematical / Statistical Skills

- Fluent in English

- Excellent written and verbal communication

- Good presentation skills

- Creative and takes initiative


Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Data Scientist
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