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Omega infrastructure Full Stack Software Engineer

Gatwick - United Kingdom



The Software Engineer implements and maintains new or improved software products and services used by the geophysical teams.  Provides innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions according to the project technical objectives and within the project timeline and other constraints. Keeps up to date on software technology and process. Will progressively, with increasing experience and seniority supervise and mentor younger engineers, and participate in activities to define and implement frameworks and design practices, as well as knowledge sharing activities in the local and global community. Participates in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Assist in identifying and organizing requirements and producing specifications

This role covers development of the Infrastructure and non-geophysical applications for Omega, a large system that utilizes 1000s of CPUs and GPUs to process petabytes of Seismic data using complex geophysical algorithms, using both Linux and Windows operating systems, on premise and in the cloud. In particular concentrating building, deployment and maintenance of the software suite and its services including development of end user applications to visualize data, perform project and data management.



Reports to Software Project Manager or Engineering manager.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Analyze, design, develop, maintain products and assist in their commercialization - in agreement with project technical and timing objectives
  • Work with field users and/or customers, to identify and resolve production issues, identify and refine requirements and opportunities for automation and efficiency improvements

Associated Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Ensure that product code and artifacts are managed and safeguarded in a configuration management system in accordance with relevant procedures and guidelines
  • Assist in identifying and organizing requirements and producing user stories
  • Apply usability procedures and principles as defined at the project or product-line level or through customer input
  • Evaluate alternative implementations and selects the one that maximizes the value of the product and minimizes the risk and technical debt
  • Build prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing and may be required to set up and run lab simulations
  • Design testing procedures and coordinate with others to implement and automate tests. Conduct tests, document test results and develop client presentation. May present solutions to clients
  • Develop and execute unit tests to prevent regressions
  • Ensure and monitor source code quality by using appropriate tools
  • Provide timely corrective actions on all assigned defects and issues
  • Conduct and/or participate in technical reviews of requirements, designs, code and other artifacts. Ensure commitments are agreed, reviewed and met
  • Contribute to design standards and support design re-use (best practices, etc.)
  • Contribute to development plan by providing task estimates
  • Create and maintain product documentation (requirements, design, development, integration, test procedures and results)
  • May provide user training for developed products
  • May mentor others regarding technical matters
  • Share expertise via collaboration tools and expand his/her informal network throughout the organization: field, research, engineering, manufacturing, other domains
  • May author/co-author technical reports, papers, articles, patents and presentations
  • Continually evaluate engineering approaches and risks to produce and iterate the development plans that ensure high quality, low cost products and systems to the field and/or customer. Assist in preparation of cost estimates
  • Identify and keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets
  • Learn new skills and adopt new practices readily in order to develop innovative and low-cost products that maintain Schlumberger's technical leadership position
  • Apply and comply with the project development process as defined by the Project Manager.
  • May participate in recruiting
  • Maintain familiarity with Company technology, organization and business. Understand and provide technical solutions according to the Schlumberger strategy
  • Comply with applicable company policies, including Personnel, Quality System, and Health, Safety, and Environment standards and procedures

Previous Experience and Competencies:


  • Key skills: C++, java and python; Linux and Windows OS environments; software development methodologies; application and system environment issue debugging.
  • Key focus areas: service infrastructures, databases, parallel programming, security
  • Other skills: User interfaces, data access and management, performance optimization. Experience with NodeJS, Angular, C# and other languages would also be an advantage.


Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

Omega infrastructure Full Stack Software Engineer
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