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Embedded Software Engineer

Clamart - France

Job Summary:

The Embedded Software Engineer will be part of the Downhole Computations CPE (DC CPE).

The scope of work of this group is the Digital Hardware and Software for downhole tools. The equipment operates in harsh environments of high temperature and shock and vibrations, with limited power and important constraints on the hardware. The equipment typically takes measurements, acquires images, controls the drilling, communicates through telemetry with surface and overall it delivers a service to our clients.

The digital systems are at the core of this downhole equipment. The system is composed of a microprocessor or microcontroller, memories, FPGA, multiple peripherals and the associated software. This system is designed by the DC CPE and it includes the choice of components, the schematics, layout, production of the electronics board, software architecture and test and validation of the system. There are different versions of these digital systems and each one responds to a specific function.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

The role of the Embedded Software Engineer is to produce the embedded software for the digital system. He/She develops the infrastructure elements (drivers, recording system, communications etc.) as well as some of the higher level applications (acquisition and processing). The Embedded Software Engineer designs, tests and evaluates the performance of the system. He/She works in close collaboration with the hardware engineer and the software architect. As a result, the team provides a technology brick around which the design engineers will develop hardware and software products.  

Qualifications: It is desirable to have the following qualification and experience:

  • Master degree or equivalent
  • Methodologies for embedded software design and test
  • FPGA development in VHDL
  • Model based Firmware Development
  • In the Loop activities (Hardware/Processor/Model in the loop)

Competencies: The candidate shall have one or more of these competencies:

  • Experience in embedded real time software development in C language
  • Experience with Linux in embedded targets
  • Experience with embedded software programming, debugging and testing
  • Participating in agile software development, technical reviews of requirements, specifications, designs, source code, etc.
  • Creating and maintaining embedded software documentation (requirements, specification, design, development, integration, test procedures and results).
  • Solid understanding of design and testing of digital circuitry (Microcontrollers, DSP, NAND, NOR, EEPROM, RAM memories, etc.), communication interfaces (CAN, Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SPI, etc.), and analog circuitry (analog front ends, filters, ADCs, power supplies, etc.)

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.



Embedded Software Engineer
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