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Technology Lifecycle Management - Electronics Engineer

Clamart - France

Job summary:

The Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) Electrical engineer is a key role in the Product Group technology portfolio management. He/She provides technical support on downhole tools, sensors and surface equipment that are used in subsurface data acquisition for Schlumberger customers. These equipments are operated remotely (from the surface) in  deep wells and are often subjected to hostile conditions (high temperature, high pressure, shocks etc… ) that can also be encountered at surface (example: offroad transportation in deserts, storage in tropical humid environments, storage in arctic climates etc…). The TLM function is responsible for the lifecycle of Schlumberger equipment once it is commercialized, until it is retired, and owns the responsibility of the technology.

Responsibilities and Duties:

The Wireline TLM Electrical Engineer role is split in 4 main activities:

  1. Field support: Providing technical expertise to the field operation (remote troubleshooting, failure analysis, best practices, documentation etc…), in order to ensure flawless job execution for our customers, and superior service quality. The job might require Field visits (audits, investigations, product or process introduction etc…).

    The field support activity is also addressing the following concerns:

  • Reliability improvement: identifying the equipment and process weaknesses, provide cost effective/efficient solutions, and deploy them in the field.
  • Equipment availability: identify cost effective/efficient ways and means to improve equipment availability in the field (operating time reduction, down time reduction, maintenance time reduction and simplification, parts availability improvement etc…), and deploy them.

2. Manufacturing and sourcing support:  Providing a technical support to the manufacturing function regarding production issues and manufacturing process defects; and the supply chain function regarding process and hardware lifecycle (component obsolescence, manufacturing process change, multiple sourcing etc…).

3. Data analytics and performance monitoring: Drive the transitioning of legacy technology to industry 4.0 standards, by defining workflows and means to monitor equipment and service performance, based on data gathering and analysis. This activity can include:

  • Hardware improvement to generate data
  • Acquisition process improvement to collect data
  • Devise analysis workflow

4. Asset customization and specific market request products: Design innovative and cost-effective solutions requiring the development or improvement of products mostly based on legacy hardware. The purpose is to provide SLB customers an adapted answer to their specific needs or develop new niche businesses. This part of the role also consists in planning, conducting and evaluating approaches to meeting the project objectives in a timely fashion. It requires multi-discipline interaction (Mechanical, physics, software, firmware), and the full ownership of the electrical development (specification, design, sourcing, assembly, test, and support).

Qualifications: Electrical Engineering degree (Master equivalent) or equivalent combination of higher degree and experience.


  • Analog and digital electronic design
  • Electronic test
  • Hands on lab experimentation
  • Technical writing (specification)
  • Electrical CAD
  • Useful skills:
    • Notions of mechanical engineering
    • Electrical Simulations
    • Firmware (C, C++, Assembly code, VHDL, Verilog)
    • Phyton, Matlab
    • SQL
    • Scrum or agile product development

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.


Technology Lifecycle Management - Electronics Engineer
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