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Electrical / Electronic Engineer

Stonehouse - United Kingdom



You will be responsible for the Electrical/Electronics components of a particular product throughout its development cycle including concept, feasibility, development, testing, commercialization and sustaining.

Duties & Responsibilities

You will apply your engineering skills to develop, implement and test components for the operation and control of our complex electro-mechanical systems. Our tools are extremely complex as they might have to operate for periods in excess of 200 hours in extreme environments - high temperature (200 C), extreme pressure (30,000 Psi) and shocks (500 G’s) - up to 30,000 ft from the rig, communicating with the surface through various methods. Within a multi-disciplinary team, you will collaborate with other experts(electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, designers, etc.) to design the system. You will also perform technical planning for system integration, test and validation, authoring of functional specifications, and contribute to the development of new principles and concepts.


Education & Experience


BEng/MEng or MSc in Electrical &/or Electronic Engineering (or equivalent qualifications)

3+ years of relevant experience


Other skills & requirements


Demonstrate ability in the following areas:

  • Electrical/Electronic design
  • Strong interests in Digital design, Microprocessors (both Microcontrollers and DSP's.), FPGA design, Signal processing, Analog design including amplifiers and filters, Power electronics, Motor control.
  • Knowledge of Assembler, ‘C’, RTOS
  • Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis aptitude.
  • Electrical/Electronic systems assembly/disassembly.
  • Schematic CAD and VHDL entry
  • Excellent at verbal and written communication (English)
  • Capacity to balance technical constraints, cost, lead time, short and long term priorities.
  • Skilled in teamwork, service oriented and quality minded.

Salary: Competitive


Duration: Full Time



Electrical / Electronic Engineer
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