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Cloud Software Engineer, DrillPlan

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We are looking for a Cloud Software Engineer to our SNTC (Schlumberger Norway Technology Center) Drilling software engineering teams in Bergen or Oslo, Norway. The main development platform is DrillPlan where teams are responsible for several key workflows. SNTC Drilling is using an Agile / Kanban software process with good practices as TDD, automated testing and code reviews incorporated in the process. SNTC Drilling and DrillPlan consist of distributed and diverse teams across many locations, nationalities and cultures and good communications skills are important.

DrillPlan, in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, forms part of a fully integrated well construction solution, which transforms the planning and execution performance, efficiency, and quality of every drilled well. The DELFI environment defines a new standard in cross-discipline collaboration. For the first time, users can see and understand the connections and dynamic effects from exploration to abandonment in one place.

Job Summary:

Cloud software engineers are responsible to design and develop cloud infrastructures with experiences in programing public clouds, such as Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, and public infrastructures as well as experience with industrial control system and security implications. Responsibilities can cover both full-stack, front-end and back-end development.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Be part of the development team and work closely with software developers, project manager and product owner to understand features and technical implementations

  • Builds prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing and sets up and runs lab simulations.

  • Develops and executes unit tests to ensure and maintain source code quality.

  • Shares expertise throughout the organization and may provide user training for products.

  • Evaluates engineering approaches and risks to produce development plans that ensure high quality, low cost products and systems.

  • May author technical reports, papers, articles, patents and presentations.

  • May review, mentor and coach, while define and promote usage of standards, best practices and lessons learned.

  • Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art computer technology, equipment, and systems; participates in professional development activities as appropriate

  • Apply and comply with the project development process as defined by the Project Manager

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelors (or equivalent industrial experiences) or higher in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.

  • Experience working with frontend technologies and frameworks such as HTML, CSS/Less, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Nodejs / npm,

  • Knowledge about or experience working with back-end technologies and frameworks such as C#, .NET, .NET-Core, HTTP/REST

  • Familiarity with DevOps principles and practices relevant to web development.

  • Good understanding and experience with Agile methodologies like Kanban / SCRUM

  • Good written and oral English communications skills

  • Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

  • Ability to function under pressure in a fast-paced environment

Additional technologies:

We value the above technical and personal qualifications. The following technologies are used in some form in our projects and if you have experience with one of more of these that is a plus.

  • Front-end testing frameworks such as Jasmine / Mocha, Protractor / Cypress

  • Back-end technologies and frameworks such as Nginx, aspnet.core, SignalR, Service oriented architecture, Message queue (e.g RabbitMQ/AMQP), Dependency Injection, NuGet package management, Service Fabric, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Public clouds such as Azure (preferred), Google Cloud or AWS

  • Build management systems like TeamCity or Azure DevOps build.

  • Git source control, pull request creation and pull request review a’la GitHub flow

  • User management, security and identity management

Cloud Software Engineer, DrillPlan
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