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Sustaining Electronics Engineer (Completion)

Clamart - France

Job summary:

The Electrical Engineer as part of the Completion Engineering team is responsible for assisting in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions requiring the development of new or improved techniques in the domain of real time monitoring sensors and electrical flow control valves.  Those systems are made up of surface and downhole elements that both use state-of-the art electronics in order to comply with high reliability and performance requirements.

These techniques involve the development (design & test) of analogic, digital, power supply and motor control electronics associated with dedicated telemetries. The Electrical Engineer also assists in planning, conducting and evaluating approaches to meeting the project objectives in a timely fashion.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist in identifying and organizing requirements. Apply relevant usability procedures and principles.
  • Analyze, design, develop and maintain products and assist in their commercialization.
  • Build prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing. Set up and run lab simulations. Design and implement tests, document results and develop customer presentations. Provide timely corrective actions on defects.
  • Produce analyses and mathematical models and draw design conclusions based on those.
  • Conduct or participate in technical reviews of requirements, specifications, designs, code and other artifacts. Contribute to design standards and support design re-use.
  • Create and maintain product documentation. Provide support to field and customers through InTouch. Provide user training as required.
  • Assign, direct and review work of technicians and provide guidance to engineers. With seniority, mentor junior engineers.
  • Continually evaluate engineering approaches and risk.
  • Author technical reports, papers, articles, patents and presentations. Share expertise via Eureka and special interest groups. Expand informal network throughout the organization.
  • Keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets. Adopt new practices readily in order to develop innovative and low-cost products.
  • Maintain familiarity with company technology, organization and business.
  • Ability to review, evaluate, analyze and redesign Multi Chip Modules designs
  • Knowledge on signal processing and modulation (FSK, FDMA and TDMA)
  • Basic knowledge of pressure and temperature sensors, such as: quartz pressure transducer, Wheatstone bridge and RTD
  • Knowledge of pressure and temperature calibration process and calibration principles (accuracy, tolerance, TNC, etc)
  • Direct hands-on experience with common electronic test equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, power analyzers, etc
  • Maintain and improve documentation on electronic designs and products (technical files, schematics, assembly procedures, tool manuals, etc)
  • Ability to select components based on analysis of specifications and reliability
  • Conduct Failure Analysis at tool and Multi Chip Modules level
  • Knowledge of electrical manufacturing processes, including assembly (soldering, die bonding, die gluing, etc), and testing
  • Knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma techniques to improve manufacturing process of new products
  • Ability to provide technical support to tickets from Field Operations
  • Experience designing for high temperature and high reliability application is a plus


  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering degree (Master equivalent) or equivalent combination of higher degree and experience

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.


Sustaining Electronics Engineer (Completion)
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