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Schlumberger Landing String (SLSS) Specialist

Balikpapan - Indonesia

Schlumberger Indonesia – Landing String (SLSS) or SenTREE Specialist

Location of work: Balikpapan or Cikarang

Employment type: Permanent Position

Job Description:

The Schlumberger Landing String Specialist (SLSS) is responsible for the SenTREE subsea test tree (SSTT) systems which are engineered for integration with the subsea BOP stack and any completion, well test, or Christmas tree system. The candidate must be familiar with subsea well testing and cleanup, completion installation, intervention projects, well operations management and well control. The position reports to the Product and Services Delivery (PSD) manager.

Successful SLSS Specialist have extensive subsea experience and are familiar with simple integration with any subsea BOP stacks. They can facilitate reliable operations in deep water and ultra-deep water. They understand monitoring and feedback capabilities which help reduce operator risk and provide data and communication for operations management. They are good communicators with the skills for effective verbal and written communication with managers, peers, subordinates, and customers. They can perform well independently and in a team environment and have a strong commitment to safety and to excellence in delivery of services.


  • Defines and manages SenTREE engineering and interfaces with other disciplines.
  • Manages SenTREE technical scope and ensures that QC procedures are followed.
  • Operates SenTREE  equipment and tools, and assumes responsibility for jobs.
  • Ensures compliance with QHSE policies and standards and with applicable certifying and legislative requirements.
  • Provides SenTree engineering input to basis of design.
  • Reviews SenTree engineering designs.
  • Manages, mentors and trains subordinate staff.
  • Performs all assigned reporting and administrative duties related to field operations.
  • Authors or coauthors papers and presentations for industry conferences and other marketing materials.
  • Ensures all operations conform to applicable HSE policies, standards, and regulations.
  • Identifies resource needs and assist in procurement.
  • Undertakes assigned training to assure required competencies.
  • Interfaces with others on application of new technologies.


  • Bachelor’s or diploma degree in engineeering or applied science, or equivalent qualification or experience
  • Minimum 5 (five) years’ experience in subsea oil and gas production or related industry
  • Fluent in english (verbal and written)
  • Expertise in Subsea landing expertise either with EXPRO or HALCO or Schlumberger equipment in small bore or large bore, DH and EH systems


Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.


Schlumberger Landing String (SLSS) Specialist
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