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Manufacturing Planner

Fuchinobe - Japan

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The Manufacturing Planner is responsible for implementing, monitoring, measuring and reporting production schedules to ensure that materials and capacities are available to meet the needs of customers.



  1. Manage planning and production execution data including work orders, prioritization, capacity constraints and production monitoring.
  2. Implement an effective and appropriate capacity management and production monitoring system.
  3. Maintain MRP planning and scheduling parameters for items.
  4. Have ownership of demands in system and maintain inventory amount by taking necessary decisions and actions.
  5. Analyze planned order reports and provide timely release of production work orders specified by the production plan.
  6. Interface with production teams and procurement specialists to prioritize items.
  7. Identify and resolve production demand and supply imbalances in volume and mix.
  8. Provide daily guidance and information to the production teams regarding the status of production schedules.
  9. Prepare and communicate shortage and backlog reports, and flag other potential interruptions to the Planning Manager.
  10. Monitor production progress against scheduling needs and intervene as necessary to bring deliveries back into compliance with production schedules.
  11. Identify and report opportunities and implement actions to reduce waste, shorten lead times and reduce costs.
  12. Analyze and report Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of production and take necessary actions for improvements.
  13. Report scheduling, capacity and production tracking data, statistics and metrics as defined by the Master Schedule policy.
  14. Use the guiding principles and the tools of the Manufacturing System to drive continuous improvement wherever applicable.


Experience & Exposures:

Manufacturing Technology, Demand Planning, Production Workflow, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Resource


Preferred skills:

English, Japanese, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, VBA Macro, SAP, RPA


Manufacturing Planner
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