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Scientific Computing Engineer

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Scientific Computing Engineer

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The Scientific Computing Engineer is responsible for development, support and sustaining of the Omega seismic processing system.


The Omega system is used to process large volumes of data acquired in seismic surveys with the purpose of improving the understanding of the properties of the subsurface formations. It includes computational algorithms and software components based on mathematical or statistical models of physical phenomena related to wave propagation in complex media.


Where applicable, the Scientific Software Engineer develops new algorithms and models, or extend existing software solutions.



  • Responsibility for software support and sustaining of existing applications.
  • Functionality and/or performance enhancement of existing applications
  • If applicable contribute to the development of new applications.
  • Maintain or write user documentation.
  • Apply numerical analysis techniques as required to scientific problems to enable efficient solutions and enhance code scalability and performance.
  • Produce analyses and physical and mathematical models and draw design conclusions based on those.
  • Develop and test algorithms and code.
  • Keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets. Adopt new practices readily to develop innovative and low-cost products.
  • Ensure that product code and artifacts are managed and safeguarded in a configuration management system.
  • Work along the Schlumberger software development process
    • Conduct or participate in technical reviews of requirements, designs, code and other artifacts. Provide timely corrective actions on defects.
    • Contribute to development plans by providing task and cost estimates.
  • Create and maintain product documentation.
  • Comply with the project development process as defined by the Project Manager.



  • Master’s in sciences or PhD in computer science, engineering, math, physics or related subject
  • Demonstrated experience in software development
  • Robust knowledge of object-oriented programming and C++
  • Proficient in algorithm development
  • Knowledge of theory of signals and basics of wave propagation
  • Ability to handle large volume of data
  • Good knowledge both verbal and written of the English language.
  • Good Communication Skills 


Additional desired skills:

  • Knowledge of geophysics
  • Experience with Java or other programming and/or scripting languages
  • Experience with developing in a Linux environment
  • Experience with parallel computing and high-performance computing
  • Experience with cloud computing software


Scientific Computing Engineer
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