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Logistics Specialists

Georgetown - Guyana

Domestic Logistics Specialist

The Domestic Logistics Specialist is responsible for managing domestic movement of assets, products and materials upon the request of the Operational Planning Resource Management (OPRM) Resource Coordinators. The Domestic Logistics Specialist plans and allocate internal or third-party resources to execute the shipment. This person optimizes equipment utilization, selects the most cost effective routings, complies with the selection of preferred contracted carriers or internal fleet, and secures delivery as per the established service level.


The Domestic Logistics Specialist reports to the Logistics Manager. The responsibilities of the Domestic Logistics Specialist include:

  • Managing Outbound Deliveries - this includes the reviewing of customer orders and creation of the outbound delivery order to trigger picking processes and shipment planning for requested goods. It includes making necessary preparations prior to initiating picking of goods and managing shipments. 
  • Monitoring Freight - this covers the monitoring of shipment milestones until the shipment is delivered and engaging in the case of deviation from planned events. 
  • Tendering shipments - this includes the tendering of shipments with a set time period for response, or spot bidding the service.
  • Mobilizing Products and Material - this includes the organization and loading of the products, completion of manifests and any required HAZMAT documentation, completion of any necessary inspections, and transportation of the products to the job site.
  • Planning of shipments - this covers the review of shipping requests, assessing if shipments can be consolidated, identifying the most suitable route, checking rates availability and finalizing the shipment instructions.


Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Validate all transport requests and required delivery dates for a defined geographic region or lane to achieve on-time delivery.
  • Prepare equipment load plans per planning standard operating procedures to maximize rental and call-out equipment utilization.
  • Leverage domestic planning and rate checker tools to achieve competitive costs by applying preferred rates.
  • Plan truck routings, leverage consolidation, and maximize backload opportunities to drive down costs.
  • Manage weekly fixed schedules and regional milk runs.
  • Issue work orders before each move with associated cost approvals.
  • Ensure compliance with land transport contractor guidelines, Health, Safety and Environment policies, local regulations, and dangerous goods requirements in the GeoMarket.
  • Identify domestic logistics network improvement projects or opportunities.


Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's in Business/Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • At least 2 years’ experience in Domestic Logistics
  • Well-presented and professional
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Good problem-solving abilities, proactive, fast learner, good organizational and time management skills.


Deadline for applications: 3rd January 2022

Logistics Specialists
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