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FSD - Full Stack Software Engineer

Oslo - Norway

Job Title: Full Stack Software Engineer


Job Description:

A successful Full Stack Software Engineer is analytical thinkers who has good architecture design skills and clean code programming practices and has experience from product development and build processes. She/he has a strong understanding of software development strategy as well as good communication and presentation skills, functioning well independently and in a team.



  • Identifies and keeps abreast of novel technical concepts and markets 
  • Assists in identifying and organizing technical requirements and specifications 
  • Builds prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing and sets up and runs lab simulations 
  • Develops and executes tests for benchmarking purposes and system quality 
  • Implements and evolves prototypes from early stage to commercial products 
  • Evaluates technical strategic approaches and risks to produce development plans that ensure high quality and cost effective products and systems  
  • Promotes internal knowledge sharing throughout the organization that may include user training development 
  • Actively support industry recognition and positioning of Schlumberger technologies via authoring technical reports, papers, articles and patents 



Bachelor / masters / PhD degree in science or engineering with software experience or education. 



  • Experience with public cloud IaaS and PaaS storage technologies (Google Cloud, Azure, AWS etc.) for storage, compute, and applications  
  • Experience with various hypervisors technologies 
  • Experience with user management, security and identity management 
  • Core competencies in NoSQL technologies (HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, neo4j, OrientDB, etc.).  
  • Understanding of RDBMS 
  • Understanding of Apache Hadoop ecosystem internals and development (Hadoop, Map Reduce, HBase, Hive, Pig etc.)  or OpenStack is a plus  
  • Familiarity with data transformation and integration tools and technologies desired (Spark, data flow, Kafka, Storm, etc.) 
  • Experience with Public key infrastructure and Digital certificate 
  • Some experience with Linux administration and Linux scripts is desired 
  • Familiarity with basic networking is plus  
  • Familiarity with parallel file systems is plus   
  • Understanding of schedulers, workload management, availability, scalability and distributed data platforms desired 



  • Evaluate, validate, and implement technologies for oilfield use cases.  
  • Deliver code implementations in the form of micro services that demonstrate:  
    • features and scalability of technology solutions for time series, spatial, and relational data 
    • the use of analytics and traditional science based algorithms in a cloud environment  
    • how modern user experience principles can be used in the frontend   
    • the interface boundaries between the subsystems   
  • Build, package, and deploy software through quality and security processes for commercial purposes. 
  • Work on tasks using agile software development methodologies:  
    • participate in project planning 
    • update task status when needed 
    • identify task dependencies and collaborate with team members 
  • Evaluate and recommend effective training solutions for cloud and big data.



FSD - Full Stack Software Engineer
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