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Field Specialists Directional Drilling & Measurement While Drilling

Villahermosa - Mexico


Location: Villahermosa, Tabasco

Job Description: Provides on-site supervision of the Directional Drilling (DD) + Measurement While Drilling  (MWD) process logs (resistivity, gamma ray, nuclear) and including projection of well path to predetermined target coordinates. Understands principles of Bottom Hole assembly (BHA) selection and aspects of DD performance and ensures that BHA's are assembled as planned including correct make-up torque, doping and handling. Proficient in the use of MWD + DD computer software and able to assist in provision of advice and analysis to the client representative at the well site. This shall include all survey calculations and well path projections. Proficient in updating well profile plots and providing client representative with accurate directional survey data.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Aware of client's requirements with regards to surveying procedures.

Assists in the completion of a daily MWD + DD report, BHA performance report for each BHA run, completion of all service tickets and relevant paperwork (well data spreadsheet, lesson learned/best practice, End of Well Report (EOWR).

Familiar with the MWD + DD aspects of the client's approved drilling program.

Assists in the inspection of all DD company equipment delivered on the work site.

Support both sides: As MWD engineer to ensure BHA compatibility, planned operating parameters are within specification and correct toolface references are applied and Maintains records of all DD equipment at well site including dimensional data and condition.

Ensure that all equipment is laid out after use in accordance with company procedures and manifested for backload at the end of the job.


Qualifications and Experience:

Skills acquired through the completion of an undergraduate degree in a Engineering discipline and 12 months working as a DD Cross Train DX.

Requires ability to read and interpret designed well plans, directional survey information and LWD Logs.

Ability to demonstrate technical aptitude of required standards.

Must possess good communication and soft skills.


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Field Specialists Directional Drilling & Measurement While Drilling
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