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Software Engineer--Katy, TX

Katy - United States

Software Engineer (KTC)

Location: Katy, TX

Job Summary:

Responsible for developing desktop applications, leveraging frameworks and utilizing shared components to enable end user workflows in a thick (Windows) application.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop software to implement rig site workflows for measurement while drilling (MWD) tool programming, drilling and tool dumps.
  • Work with firmware engineers to understand and implement tool communication protocols in software.
  • Analyze, design, develop and maintain products and assist in their commercialization in agreement with project technical and timing objectives.
  • Ensure that product code and artifacts are managed and safeguarded in a configuration management system in accordance with procedures and guidelines.
  • Help identify and organize requirements and produce user stories.
  • Apply usability procedures and principles as defined at the project or product-line level or through customer input.
  • Evaluate alternative implementations and select the one that maximizes the value of the product and minimizes the risk and technical debt.
  • Design testing procedures and coordinate with others to implement and automate tests.
  • Develop and execute unit tests.
  • Ensure and monitor source code quality by using appropriate tools.
  • Provide timely corrective actions on assigned defects and issues.

Required Skills:

  • Desktop App Development: C# .NET, Visual C++ with MFC
  • Frontend languages: Javascript, CSS and HTML5.
  • Database Technologies: MySQL, SQlite
  • Familiar with source code management systems like Git, TFS


  • Intermediate (3~5 years)


Software Engineer--Katy, TX
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