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Processing Geophysicist

Mumbai - India

Processing Geophysicist

Mumbai - India

Job Description for Processing Geophysicist

Job title:

Processing Geoscientist

Job location:

Mumbai, India


Reports to the Geosolutions Technical Lead

Job Summary:

The Processing Geophysicist is an experienced geophysicist with in-depth knowledge of seismic data processing and imaging for OBN, Land & Marine seismic data. The person should be well versed in processing software preferably Omega & Petrel and associated workflows utilized. Focus will be towards operation aspects of a location and helping to ensure projects are executed on time and as per contractual requirements.

Educational qualifications:

Master’s degree in Geology/Geophysics with working experience of 5-15 years as Processing Geophysicist with expertise in Time & Depth Imaging with any E&P/ Service industry. (Experience in OBN processing will be preferable)

 Experience required:

  • In-Depth knowledge of processing specially OBN, Land & Marine 2D/3D Time and Depth Imaging.
  • Appropriate experience in client handling, especially technical and software support.
  • Sound software knowledge. Preference will be given to Omega and Petrel.
  • Keen interest in learning new software and technology.
  • Experience in working complex geological settings e.g. sub-basalt, thrust belt etc.
  • Demonstrated project management skills on delivering seismic processing & Imaging projects



 Career progression:

  • As per SLB standard career progression process


  • Customer focused; communicates effectively with stakeholders; promotes good client relations on a social and professional level
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; able to confidently facilitate meetings
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Practices effective listening techniques
  • Strong drive to seek alignment
  • Strong Team Player & ready for travelling and client facing 
  • Leads by example and always acts professionally



Processing Geophysicist
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