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HSE/Facility Specialist

Nagaoka - Japan

1. HSE Part
- To develop Managers' awareness and ensure HSE are an integral part of Line Management responsibilities and objectives.
- To assist the Location Manager in:
  • Liaising with local clients, contractors, and agencies regarding HSE,
  • Generating and implementing Location HSE requirement and related procedures,
  • Conducting management review meetings to assess the effectiveness of the HSE Management System and identify required improvements.
  • Planning and Implementation on accidents reduction to achieve GeoUnit/Location HSE KPO,
- To monitor the Leading and Lagging indicators of location and conduct monthly safety meeting.
- To monitor the safety data monthly input and verification.
- To ensure Location and Business Line specific HSE risks are identified, assessed and that appropriate risk management plans are implemented.
- To develop and maintain a high level of awareness and active personal involvement among all personnel through prevention and reporting of non-conformances.
- To ensure adequate HSE training is provided to all personnel, including contractors, to meet the Location/Country/GeoUnit needs and HSE requirements for minimum and job related training and maintain the record.
- To lead Annual Audit and Inspection Plan and verify compliance with SLB standards using appropriate checklists and advise Management on corrective action required.
- To ensure that all accidents and non-conformances are properly notified, investigated, reviewed and followed up, as per the SLB HSE Standard 2, and to participate in investigations of major failures and accidents.
- To keep location HSE related document including Emergency Response Plan up-to-date and informs all employees accordingly.
- To actively contribute to the development of Global/Basin/GeoUnit programs and HSE campaigns implementation.
- To keep abreast of any new documentation and training material related to HSE and informs management accordingly.
- To advise Management on the compliance of the local HSE programs with all local and national applicable regulations.
- To support supply chain function on HSE related contractors (catering, transport, etc.).
- To support location SET to implement HSE/Facility related activitiesd
2. Facility Part:
- Implement best practices in facility operations and maintenance and ensure a consistent professional image for the facility.
- Implement systems for tracking facility management costs. In conjunction with local management, develop and track specific facility management key performance indicators.
- Supervise the Facility Management organization and assist the location management with budget estimates, progress and cost tracking reports, permits and license requirements, and contractor selection.
- In conjunction with Supply Chain and Legal, provide advice on preparing contracts, and review negotiations for revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements.
I- mplement quality control programs using LEAN methodology to standardize and optimize facility performance in line with the Global Facility Management strategy.
- Plan, direct and supervise facility management services including operating systems, maintenance processes, repair and improvement, custodial services and security operations.
- Coordinate maintenance activities to optimize productivity and utilization of personnel and equipment.
Recommend operating methods and equipment to reduce costs through new sources, substitutions, improved systems or methods, service quality and safety.
- Coordinate contract scope and specifications. Administer facility service agreements for maintenance, including outsourced service providers.
- Implement standards for clean and tidy facilities and support operations through site-base auditing. Coordinate campaigns geared to maintaining a professional facility image.
- Oversee the Shared Base Support team.
  • Bachelor Degree or above
  • 3-8 years’ work experience in HSE or Facility position, from Energy or manufacturer related industry.
  • Good English competency and communication capability
  • Good team player.


HSE/Facility Specialist
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