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Laboratory Engineer - Cementing

Puerto Francisco de Orellana - Ecuador

Job Summary


The purpose of the Laboratory Engineer is the formulation of perforation and completion fluids, control with calibration and inventory of equipment in the field and in the laboratory committed to meeting customer needs.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Inventory of laboratory and controlled reagents
  • Special tests: linear swelling, capillary suction, lubricity
  • Control and updating of the Lycoteca
  • Preparation and presentation of sqm to customers
  • Installation and maintenance of laboratory equipment


Minimum Job Qualifications


  • Engineering Training in Petroleum or Chemistry
  • Minimum experience of 5 years in Drilling and Completion Fluid Laboratory
  • Knowledge in cementation tests: density, rheology, fluid loss, thickening time, sedimentation
  • Experience in crude chemical analysis, BSW testing, corrosion coupon analysis, chemical treatment of forming water.
  • Inventory management of laboratory reagents and controlled products.
  • Residence in Ecuador


Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

Laboratory Engineer - Cementing
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