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Real Time IT Support Engineer

Seria - Brunei

Job Title: Real Time IT Support Engineer
Location: Seria, Brunei Darussalam

(a) Qualifications

  1. As a minimum, a Bachelor Degree in an engineering, IT, or relevant science discipline.
  2. As a minimum, two (2) years of real time operations experience.
  3. As a minimum, one (1) years of experience of working in a drilling optimisation monitoring centre
  4. Have excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken
  5. In depth understanding of wellsite information transfer specification (WITS), wellsite information transfer standard markup language (WITSML), real time data streaming and data bases
  6. Possess a significant understanding of real time operation technologies


(b) Responsibilities

  1. Must be qualified or possess certifiable knowledge in relevant core solutions covering IT domain and technical computing environments including database, network operating systems, data management and hardware.
  2. Be a good team worker with excellent interpersonal skills


(d)Work Requirements

  1. Liaison between other service providers for data import into real time database
  2. Responsible for deployment and setup of satellite links, when needed
  3. Responsible for deployment, configuration and setup of rig site RTO equipment when needed
  4. Primary contact for data access and authorization for Schlumberger systems
  5. Primary designer for web based templates in system
  6. Oversees software upgrades and compatibility of all RTOC involved services to ensure they meet the set requirements
  7. Assist in supporting real time database on workstations
  8. Responsible for first level hardware installation, maintenance and or repair
  9. Responsible to support RTOC and rig site teams as primary focal point for system data transfer issues
  10. Works with client's IT department to support connectivity, data transfer, and end user access for systems as required on a twenty-four (24) hour x seven (7) day per week basis


Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, status as a protected veteran or other characteristics protected by law.


Successful applicants may be employed through a Schlumberger approved third-party contracting company and assigned to Schlumberger projects or considered for direct employment by Schlumberger.


Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity if you receive a communication or e-mail regarding potential employment, or an invitation to submit applications to a public email address, supposedly from Schlumberger. Please do not send money or pass any personal details to anyone suggesting they can provide employment with us. We will never ask potential job-seekers for any sort of advance payment as part of the recruiting or hiring process. For more information please visit:


Real Time IT Support Engineer
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