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Drilling Analyst

Buenos Aires - Argentina

The OIC (Operations Integrity Center) is in charge of monitoring the well construction operations in real-time by analyzing all relevant drilling parameters to identify any deviation from the plan, and to communicate any significant event to all parties involved in the drilling operations.

The main purpose of the OIC is to create a link between the field and the engineering team with accurate and timely information to enable the projects team to make the correct decisions. The OIC operations are based on the following Drilling TIC real-time workflows:

  • Digitally Enable Performance.
  • Execution Control
  • Dynamic Risk Management

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Is aware and executes the activities described at the workflows related to the Drilling TIC OIC associated with the real time support.
  • Understands and executes the workflows according to the acquired commitment with each project.
  • Ensures the Project Master Document is available before start operations and all the described documents.
  • Enunciatively and not limitative the Drilling Program, Communication Protocol, Listings of distributions for the different reports, Mud Program, Directional Program, Operative sequence, etc.
  • Attend the Pre-Spuds and specific meetings to create synergy between the OIC personnel and the project members (Field and Engineers).
  • Corroborates and checks that the driller´s instructions are consistent with the Drilling Program.
  • Ensures the real time Surface and bottom data quality with the support of the connectivity engineer.
  • Ensures that the Rig State is calibrated and executing properly.
  • Uses canvas and adequate charts to the current operation and compare the real time parameters with the ones from correlation wells.
  • Uses the correlation data for timely sending recommendations and alerts.
  • Measure and improve the performance of well construction operations through the performance OIC workflows, including ROP Optimization system available.
  • Timely updates the BHA and the WGB (Wellbore Geometry Builder) with accurate Dates in the monitoring software.
  • Keeps the On-site and office team properly informed through the stablished communication protocol.
  • In case of a program deviation, the DA tags, makes and distributes the alert through the stablished communication protocol.
  • Ensure to send previous preventive and pertinent alerts before high impact events that can cause negative impact in time and cost of the project.
  • Keeps record of all the alerts issued in the Alert Audit Manager and High Impact Alert files.
  • Reports all the Red Alerts on the appropriate system.
  • In case of an event, support will be required by delivering the necessary graphics that helps to clarify the root cause of the event.
  • Capture all lessons learned in the knowledge database.
  • Ensures to train newly hired DA and reviews their deliverables quality until it is equal or better than the ones currently delivered

Qualifications and Experience: 

  • Graduated in Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geology or related careers.
  • 2/3 years or more experience in similar positions.
  • Previous experience in Monitoring and Drilling is a must.
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Communication skills.

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.


Drilling Analyst
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