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Consolidation & Reporting Analyst

Sugar Land - United States

JobName :Consolidation & Reporting Analyst
JobSummary : The Consolidation & Reporting Analyst is responsible for consolidating financial results for a geographic territory, headquarters or Product Line. The Consolidation & Reporting Analyst looks beyond the numbers to assess business trends, develop root causes of business issues, and identify opportunities for improved efficiencies.

AdditionalResponsibilities :

  • Consolidate financial procedures (FPs), income statements and balance sheet accounts related to the area of responsibility, including business indicators.
  • Analyze variances against annual commitment plan and monthly forecasts.
  • Analyze investments, considering CAPEX, inventory, projects and days sales outstanding.
  • Ensure across-the-board implementation of standard finance practices.
  • Identify weaknesses in internal control and suggest improvements.
  • Assess and highlight opportunities for increased cost efficiencies.
  • Develop and evaluate business or project financial metrics and drivers.
  • Evaluate currency exposure.
  • Assist with ad hoc reporting, analysis or projects as required.
  • Understand and comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.


Consolidation & Reporting Analyst
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