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Internship - Material Engineer (5-6 months)

Clamart - France

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Job title:


Internship - Material Engineer




Clamart, France


Scope of the internship:


Fatigue characterization Silver sintering electronic boards


In the scope of the product digitalization, we need to build models for the silver sintering used in High Power electronic boards. The focus here is to characterize the fatigue (under shocks/vibration/temperature/all of the above). This is an enabler to have digital models.




Objective of the internship is to build models of the material(s) behavior(s) that will be used by Finite Element Analysis team.

During the internship, the intern will characterize the materials for Elongation, Shear, Shocks, Bending, Fatigue, for different temperatures up to 200degC.

The intern will define the standard to follow if it exists, and if NOT will define the method of test.

The intern will define the tooling needed for the tests and manage procurement of the tooling.

The intern will do the test with the equipment available in the lab

The intern will discuss with different teams: FEA team based in Houston and France, Electronic board packaging team based in France


Skills required:


  • Have a Materials background (metals, fatigue behaviour...)
  • Studying towards a Masters in Material or Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • Know test equipment (traction machine, DMA/TMA…)
  • Have already done or at least Have basic knowledge in FEA Finite Elements Analysis
  • Have common sense
  • Be eager to learn, to be trained on a new equipment / software / technologies
  • Good level of English communication


Internship - Material Engineer (5-6 months)
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