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Internship - Development of communication telemetry tool (5-6 onths)

Clamart - France

Come and join our Schlumberger team in the Greater Paris area. We are currently actively hiring bright minds specialized in scientific computing and software development. We’re looking for innovators to join our diverse community of colleagues and develop new solutions and push the limits of what’s possible. If you share our passion for discovery and want to find out what you could really do, then here is the place to do it. Be part of the adventure!


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Job title:


Internship - Development of communication telemetry tool




Clamart, France


Scope of the internship:


You will be part of the development team working on the electromagnetic communication tool for the oilfield environment. You will develop the electronics of the acquisition part. You will build electronic mockups and prototypes to evaluate its performance. We will perform some real-world electromagnetic communication tests in the yard and in the test well in Schlumberger Melun facility. These design bricks will be the basis for the communication tool that is currently in development by the engineering team.




Development and test of the electronic prototypes, characterization in temperature. Analog and digital electronics, power converters. You will be coached and guided by the team of the experienced electrical engineers.

By building the real-world electronics circuits you will confirm in practice the theoretical knowledge achieved in engineering school and will see the result of your work applied in real commercial tool.

At the end the internship the technical review should be performed with firmware and telemetry engineers working in the team to discuss the overall tool integration.


Skills required:


Studying towards a Masters in Electrical Engineering or related field. All the specifics will be explained by the internship tutor, however some fundamental knowledge, taught engineering school is required.

Analog electronics design: operational amplifiers. Design and evaluation of the basic circuits build with operation amplifiers. Low noise amplifiers in particular.

Digital electronics: basic knowledge of the signal processing: modulation, decoding, synchronisation. Modern modulation techniques such as QPSK

Power electronics: Power converter basic topologies, buck converter, full bridge converter, regulation technics.

Simulation: PSpice, LTSpice, Mathlab

Basics of the electronic board development, PCBs, layout.

Good level of English


Internship - Development of communication telemetry tool (5-6 onths)
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