Internship - Packer diameter measurement reliability and traceability improvement (5-6 months) | Schlumberger

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Internship - Packer diameter measurement reliability and traceability improvement (5-6 months)

Abbeville - France

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Job title:


Internship - Packer diameter measurement reliability and traceability improvement




Abbeville, France


Scope of the internship:


RSP (Reservoir sampling and pressure) is one of the key product lines of Schlumberger Technology Delivery Center Abbeville. We manufacture the packers used for reservoir sampling in the well. Packers have a cylinder shape, and its structure includes rubber, composite and mech parts compacted in a defined sequence. One of key process quality control is the outer diameter measurement made at end of each production step. Current measurement is performed manually with caliper by operator. The data will be copied to the paper manufacturing manual and part of them will be again input to system. Several risks are associated to this method:

  1. The reading could be erroneous, depending on operator
  2. Several steps are required to manually copy paste the same data into system
  3. The data is not extractable to perform the trend analysis


Project is aimed to conduct a feasibility study to carry out measurements, ideally with contact-less instruments and integrated into workstations, to improve the repeatability and facilitate decision-making and failure analysis through data archiving and data mining.




  1. Define problem and perform analysis.
  2. Conduct research of technical and innovative solution existing in the industry
  3. Perform concept validation through test and experimentation.
  4. Take decision by decision matrix comparing the complexity, cost/benefits.
  5. Deliver a complete feasibility report with all concepts explored


Skills required:


  • Mechanical/Electrical discipline; Good knowledge in automation, CAD modelling
  • Knowledge of sensor and optical system is plus
  • Teamwork spirit, Analytical and innovative mindset
  • Documentation skills
  • Good level of English
  • Studying towards a Masters in Mechanical Engineering or related field.


Internship - Packer diameter measurement reliability and traceability improvement (5-6 months)
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