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Quality Engineer

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The Quality Engineer is responsible for developing, applying and maintaining procedures to ensure quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of products, assets, and materials and supplies. The Quality Engineer has hands-on understanding of tool and product functionality and production.
Specific deliverables and responsibilities
·         Develop and implement internal Quality Control Plans (QCP) including customer- and project-specific QCPs. Participate in design reviews and criticality assessments of processes as input to QCP development.
·         Develop, implement and maintain procedures for inspections and testing in compliance with the Quality Management System (QMS).
·         Ensure compliance to internal and external management systems
·         Ensure QC requirements and QA tasks are completed before tool or product is shipped.
·         Mentor Inspectors and Documentation Specialists.
·         Assist in defining and developing quality program status indicators and performance measurements.
·         Conduct audit processes internally and at suppliers, including planning, preparation, execution, reporting results, and remedial work plans.
·         Investigate and address product non-conformances, working with relevant subject matter experts as needed to ensure corrective and preventive actions address fundamental causes.
·         Create and classify Product Quality (PQ) incident reports. Lead and coordinate PQ investigations.
·         Acquire and analyze data across a spectrum of business environments to facilitate process analysis and improvements. Use metrics, reporting and process control tools to track, analyze and problem solve.
·         Continuously improve knowledge of customer expectations, supplier relations, risk management and improvement, industry standards, business systems, and planning and quality tools.
·         Contribute to Quality Improvement Plans internally and with suppliers.
Experience in the following areas is preferred
·         Knowledge or work experience in industrial standard and directives such as DNV, ATEX, PED.
·         Work experience with heavy machinery in manufacturing and servicing sectors.
·         Work experience with SAP system.
Job Requirements
·         Degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or Industrial Engineering, with minimum of 2-5 years working experience
·         Data mining and analysis skills (with Excel, PowerBI, or SharePoint) will be an advantage
·         Has to be an analytical person.
·         Has to be a resourceful problem solver
·         Has to be a confident communicator
·         Comfortable with multitasking

Quality Engineer
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