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Geothermal HVAC Engineer

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Geothermal HVAC Engineer


Who we are:

Celsius Energy is the story of three engineers, brought together by their commitment to the environment, who chose to use their expertise to the meet the challenge of our times; fighting climate change.  The observation?  Heating and cooling of buildings comprises 25% of CO2 emissions worldwide, however 70% of the energy necessary to meet these needs is right under our feet, in a continuous and endless manner.  

Our mission is climate: connect buildings to the earth to (re)connect the company to climate challenges, making low-carbon buildings on a large scale.  Our solution is a highly optimized ground-source heat pump system for both new buildings and renovations with applicability even in dense urban areas with:

  1. A scientifically dimensioned geothermal borehole arrangement as driven by thermal capacity of drilled test well(s) and building energy consumption to ensure geothermal resource right-sizing
  2. A pyramid-shaped geothermal energy exchanger equipped with closed double-U loops to minimize surface footprint and maximize thermal exploitation of the underground
  3. A digital control to minimize electricity consumption and maximize geothermal resource performance and longevity in real time

Today, Celsius Energy is an expert, committed multidisciplinary team connected to its ecosystem: companies, private and public participants, engineers, researchers and partners. We are working for the general public by developing our solution and continually improving its performance.  We want to accelerate the movement of a massive and indispensable energy transition for our society. We bring teams together around our expertise and connect all trades necessary to deploy a turnkey solution in line with our values and ambitions.

Celsius Energy has been recognized by the UN as one of the 50 most promising solutions for the future of climate worldwide and is a recipient of the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label; selected from among low-carbon solutions by the Sekoya and IFPEB/Carbon 4 platforms.

Celsius Energy is a scale up company of SLB New Energy – the worldwide leader in technology solutions for the energy industry. Celsius has over a 100’s employee’s in France, the US, UK, and delivers solutions for external clients.


Job Summary:

The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will be responsible for designing Geothermal HVAC solutions for buildings in light of measured thermal needs, existing HVAC solutions in place and thermal properties of the subsurface.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will also support installation and commissioning of the HVAC solution through technical specification and execution documents, oversight, and collaboration with extended teams and act as the subject matter expert on the designed solution.

In the preliminary design phase, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will support thermal audits of the building to determine a thermal load profile and develop an understanding of the current operational characteristics of the HVAC solution in place.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will collaborate with internal teams, external subcontractors, and the client to make these determinations.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will also collaborate with internal subsurface thermal resource experts on the thermal properties of the ground.  With these inputs, multiple high level geothermal HVAC solutions will be evaluated and weighed against client objectives with the selection of a single solution to move into the detailed design phase. Key deliverables of the preliminary design phase are:

  • Building thermal load profile (hourly annual) as obtained through energy meters, utility invoices, and/or a dynamic thermal simulation including the building envelope and its use
  • Diagram/synoptic of the current HVAC solution and proposed geothermal HVAC solution(s)
  • 2D plans of the technical room with HVAC network paths and location and sizing of equipment
  • Cost/benefit analysis of the proposed geothermal HVAC solution(s) with recommendations

In the detailed design phase, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will further develop the selected geothermal solution to enable installation.  Collaboration with internal teams, external subcontractors, and the client will continue throughout this phase to ensure proposed cost/benefits are realized and any changes are properly reviewed. The key deliverables of the detailed design phase are:

  • Written technical descriptions of the geothermal solution, equipment, and network paths in compliance with identified industry standards and applicable regulations
  • Exhaustive list of all system equipment by network to facilitate procurement
  • Technical data sheets for all equipment including installation and operating instructions
  • Functional analysis of the system as performed by a review with internal solution experts
  • Overall system installation instructions which can be carried out by external subcontractors within the required trade and be used to determine a pricing quotation for their services

In the installation phase, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will collaborate with the internal project management team and external subcontractors to oversee the installation, manage site challenges/constraints and necessary adaptations, and update all technical documents accordingly.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will ensure integrity in the installation per design and verify conformity with industry standards and applicable regulations.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will participate in coordination meetings with internal teams, external subcontractors, and the client to review installation progress, issues/risks, and next steps and may be required to write and disseminate reports.

In the commissioning phase, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will support system commissioning and its proper functioning.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will provide a commissioning checklist for control of all equipment and system commissioning protocols with clear steps to follow and checks to be performed.

At project end, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will participate in an inspection of the installation and collect and draft a list of reserves and non-conformities in the execution of the work.  The Geothermal HVAC Engineer will assemble all technical documentation for the installation, commissioning, and operations of the geothermal system and provide to the client for future reference.

Beyond project-centered design and installation, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer liaises with key technical resources in France for knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement in technology selection and solution design practices and operational planning and execution.  As Celsius Energy is a scale up company, the Geothermal HVAC Engineer will work in a small team, with a focus on agility and continuous improvement for the long-term, strategic success of the company.


  • Direct report to Ian Farmer Celsius UK Operations Delivery Lead
  • Functional report to Sylvain Thierry, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Behavior / Skills Required:

  • Initiative: self-starter, visible energy, drive and a need to finish
  • Service-Focused: knowledge and understanding of customer needs, business challenges and objectives
  • Communication: listens and incorporates feedback constructively, demonstrates communication flexibility when dealing with different stakeholders
  • Decision-Making: quick and autonomous problem-solving by examining alternative choices and choosing  best route to take within available time-frame
  • Responsible and accessible: the individual will be the ‘go-to’ person for multiple projects and must be comfortable with being accountable and highly visible to employees and the senior management team
  • Trustworthy: establishes trust with team, customers, and management through listening, responding, teamwork, openness and delivering on commitments
  • Quality Assurance: observant, quality-driven mindset with attention to detail and willingness to speak up
  • Continuous Improvement: has a natural investment to improve solutions, internal processes, and team capabilities to deliver increased value to customers
  • Team player: is able to work beyond respective role when called upon, sharing experiences and best practices
  • Versatile Learner: relentless learner that quickly adapts to new problems and situations
  • Adaptable: Ability to work in a time-sensitive environment with non-flexible deadlines and calls outside of traditional US business hours.  Willing to travel and support field-based operations at work-site for consecutive days.

Education / Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Earth Sciences, or related field
  • Minimum 5 years of system design experience in the HVAC industry
  • Specific practical experience in ground-source heat pump systems (geothermal) preferred but not a requirement
  • History of project support and delivery from design to installation to commissioning with worksite presence/exposure
  • History of successful stakeholder management (clients, internal teams, contractors, suppliers)
  • Skilled in HVAC solution design software such as Autodesk Revit, or similar
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Products and Microsoft Teams
  • Practical field experience in the installation of heat pump systems is preferred but not a requirement


SLB is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.