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Internship - Numerical modeling of a fluid sensor

Clamart - France

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Job title:

Numerical modeling of a fluid sensor


Clamart, France

Scope of the internship:

Measurements of fluids and fluid mixtures inside flow pipes are critical in many industries including oil&gas and chemical. We are designing a new multi-sensor tool that is entered into a pipe system to perform such measurements. This robust tool combines existing and new flow sensors to achieve the best possible measurements in realistic environments. We have selected several new measurement concepts and we need modelling results to determine the optimal sensor geometry, parameters and positioning on the tool. You work includes modelling a sensor, matching the model to the real measurement data, participation in the optimization of the sensor and the definition of how the sensor data can be combined and interpreted with other sensor data for the best flow measurements. We have basic lab data to work on and the candidate can also measure additional data in our lab. The student learns to work autonomously and creatively in an industrial R&D environment of an international company and produce results under informal guidance of engineering physicists.


During the internship a good-quality report will be written capturing technical results (both positive and negative) and ideas. Depending on the progress and approach, the candidate will also produce numerical models, software code and potentially rapid-prototype sensor designs. There is a lot of possibility to discuss with technical experts.


Skills required:

  • Experience with Finite Element modeling software or other numerical modeling software is helpful.
  • Experience with Python/Numpy and/or Matlab is helpful.

Internship - Numerical modeling of a fluid sensor
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