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Electronics R&D Engineer – Sensor Electronics

Clamart - France

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Job title:


Electronics R&D Engineer – Sensor Electronics




Clamart, France


Job Summary:  

The Electronics Engineer as part of the Sensors Technology team is responsible to design analog and digital front-end electronics for sensors. He is a key contributor to technical decisions and results. He is leading the all acquisition chain from the sensitive element(s) of the sensor to the digital world. From component to system level, the electronics engineer build models and simulations. He applies scientific and efficient methodologies to deliver a validated prototype or product.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • Design and improve electronic designs and products (technical files, components, schematics, assembly procedures, tool manuals, etc.). Set up and run models and simulations.
  • Build prototypes, products, and systems suitable for sensor characterizations and validations.
  • Perform prototype and product validation for harsh environments.
  • Consider metrology and physics to determine uncertainties from test results.
  • Consider hardware and software integration in systems
  • Conduct or participate in technical reviews of requirements, specifications, designs, code, and other artifacts.
  • Author technical reports, papers, articles, patents and presentations. Interact with external suppliers and research laboratories.

Required skills

  • MS / PhD in Electrical Engineering and 5 years or more of work experience
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal


Electronics R&D Engineer – Sensor Electronics
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