Software Engineer Intern (3 Months) - Reduce compute resource needs using Knative | Schlumberger

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Software Engineer Intern (3 Months) - Reduce compute resource needs using Knative

Abingdon - United Kingdom

Job title:

Software Engineer Intern (3 Months) - Reduce compute resource needs using Knative

About Us:
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At SLB we create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. That is our purpose. As innovators, that’s been our mission for 100 years. We are facing the world’s greatest balancing act- how to simultaneously reduce emissions and meet the world’s growing energy demands. We’re working on that answer. Every day, a step closer.

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Abingdon, UK

Job Summary: 
FDPlan is a cloud-native application hosted on SLB’s industry leading DELFI platform. It is deployed as a Kubernetes application and uses microservice architecture for feature development. Currently, most of the microservices are running as k8s service and consuming resources whilst not serving any requests that add to the operation cost. FDPlan hosts the workflow service and provides the off-the-shelf system computes that are only required when the user runs the specific workflows. Since workflow computes are not always needed, those services can be converted to lightweight workloads using Knative, which can help save operational costs.    This project will need a basic understanding of Kubernetes and the cloud deployment model.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties: 
The successful intern will help in leaning cloud development and Function as a service (FAAS) deployment model on Kubernetes.

Penultimate or final year student, studying towards Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or related field.

Required skills:
-              Basic understanding of Kubernetes and Docker

Experience in one of the following would be advantageous
-              Back-end web development
-              Go

We are open to flexible, hybrid working with a combination of on-site & home working days.


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