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Reliability Engineer - Development

Taubate - Brazil


The Reliability Engineer is responsible for applying engineering knowledge and technical expertise to prevent or reduce the likelihood of failure of internal products and services.

The Reliability Engineer uses various methodologies and tools to work closely with those who design, develop, test, manufacture, deliver and support our products and services to achieve operational reliability.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Guide the project team in the implementation of reliability engineering methodologies, techniques, standards, procedures and the application of appropriate statistical tools.
  • Coordinate root cause analysis of failed items.
  • Coordinate analytical and investigative activities such as FMEA, Hazard Analysis and Risk Control, and RCA.
  • With the project team, set reliability targets for products under development.
  • Gather field reliability data, populate the reliability model and identify areas of concern.
  • Calculate cumulative effect on final system reliability of individual part reliabilities, identify gaps and determine appropriate actions to achieve customer specified operational reliability.
  • Conduct technical risk analysis such as a FMEA to determine specific risk areas. Develop tests to be conducted based as identified by FMEA results.
  • Rationalize tests to be conducted to determine sample size, test methods and other details that will produce efficient, statistically valid results.
  • Monitor the test program and recommend adjustments as needed to meet reliability targets.
  • Participate in technical design reviews and contribute solutions to reliability related issues.
  • To perform risk-based analyses to support business decisions.
  • To ensure that the Management of Change Process is followed with a suitable technical analysis.
  • Compile and communicate lessons learned and ensure prevention of failures by archiving captured knowledge for re-use.
  • Monitor and analyze key reliability indicators during product development and after commercialization and keep management informed.
  • Assume responsibility for the creation, content, adoption and reporting of test plans and programs.
  • Assume responsibility for the assessment and optimization of test plans and programs with respect to coverage, efficiency and project risk reduction.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Experience with power supply design
  • Experience in reliability methods, V&V Tests, RCM and FMEA
  • Lab experience in testing and debugging complex power modules (hand-on experience)
  • Experience within the Oil and Gas Industry is a plus
  • Advanced English
  • Familiar with multiple power supply topologies (flyback, half bridge, full bridge,…)
  • Minimum BSc in Electrical Engineering, automation control and related.
  • Availability to live in Vale do Paraíb
  • Location: Taubaté-SP.


SLB is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.

Reliability Engineer - Development
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