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Software Engineer Intern – (12 months)

Stonehouse - United Kingdom

Job title:

Software Engineer Intern – HiLS (Hardware in the Loop System) automation and testing for quality assurance of downhole tools (12 months) – Starting Summer 2023


About Schlumberger:

We are a global technology company, driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.


At SLB we create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. That is our purpose. As innovators, that’s been our mission for 100 years. We are facing the world’s greatest balancing act- how to simultaneously reduce emissions and meet the world’s growing energy demands. We’re working on that answer. Every day, a step closer.


Our collective future depends on decarbonizing the fossil fuel industry, while innovating a new energy landscape. It’s what drives us. Ensuring progress for people and the planet, on the journey to net zero and beyond. For a balanced planet.



Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK.


Stonehouse Technology Centre (SHTC) is the SLB drilling Centre of Excellence. It supports SLB through innovative engineering and quality-driven manufacturing, with portfolio emphasis on rotary steerable systems, Measurement While Drilling tools, Specialised Measurement tools and Rechargeable Batteries for Downhole use, and power source products.


Over 300 employees work in SHTC's modern, fit-for-purpose building in scenic Gloucestershire. The facility was constructed to handle future demand for PowerDrive tools with an efficient workflow that ensures assembled tools are extensively and rigorously tested before delivery. On site, tools can be monitored using state of-the-art hardware and connectivity that link SHTC to all field locations.


SHTC continues Research & Development investment for new technologies, extending operational limits so that clients can reach hotter, deeper reserves.


Job Summary:

Do you enjoy working with code or have an interest in software tools development? Are you a team player looking to understand the working environment for a software development team?  This is an exciting opportunity to join a unique software team that is responsible for designing, developing, and testing new embedded software solutions for downhole drilling systems. We are actively seeking a talented intern to join the self-organising and fast-moving software development team and support developing automation solutions for firmware/software testing to ensure quality assuarnce. This would involve working with HiLS (Hardware in the Loop), SiL (Software in the Loop), PiL (Processor in the loop) or in general what we refer to XiL.  You will be empowered to help own the quality of new features in development and releases. You will also be collaborating with developers and engineers to build and maintain high-quality capabilities that focus on improving code quality and development processes.  Ultimately, this opportunity enables you learn from team members who are able to mentor and coach you to grow in programming for systems engineering and desktop application development.


Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

- Interfacing with stakeholders to gather requirements, develop, maintain and improve CI/CD infrastructure (DEVOPS) for application development

- Understand, develop, publish and review technical documentation and requirements

- Enable capability for application testing and perform tests and application debugging in deployed environments

- Participate in test suite development – test cases documentation and implementation

- Implement and execute tests for desktop applications and Embedded hardware applications

- Publish and report test activity reports and development status



  • Knowledge of C#/C/C++
  • Scripting (PowerShell)
  • Agile SW Development methodologies
  • Unit Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Familiarity with NI suite of tools (Labview, TestStand)



Studying towards a Bachelors or Masters in Software Engineering or related field.


SLB is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.