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Embedded Software Engineer

Stonehouse - United Kingdom

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Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK.

Stonehouse Technology Centre (SHTC) is the SLB drilling Centre of Excellence. It supports SLB through innovative engineering and quality-driven manufacturing, with portfolio emphasis on rotary steerable systems, Measurement While Drilling tools, Specialised Measurement tools and Rechargeable Batteries for Downhole use, and power source products.

Over 300 employees work in SHTC's modern, fit-for-purpose building in scenic Gloucestershire. The facility was constructed to handle future demand for PowerDrive tools with an efficient workflow that ensures assembled tools are extensively and rigorously tested before delivery. On site, tools can be monitored using state of-the-art hardware and connectivity that link SHTC to all field locations.

SHTC continues Research & Development investment for new technologies, extending operational limits so that clients can reach hotter, deeper reserves.



Job Summary: Embedded Software Engineer


The Embedded Software Engineer is responsible for designing and implementing the embedded software that is integral to Schlumberger measurementand control systems. The Embedded Software Engineer evaluates methods, technology and development tools to be used for projects. This person helps define and implement frameworks and design practices, as well as knowledge sharing activities in the local and global community.


Additional Responsibilities :

  • Design and implement embedded software for measurement and control systems incorporating multiple processors using real time operating systems.
  • Design high-speed, hard-real-time data acquisition and logging systems.
  • Implement DSP algorithms.
  • Gather and analyze requirements and estimations.
  • Coordinate software development with other disciplines and engineering projects.
  • Design testing procedures. Conduct and coordinate tests, document results and develop presentations. Provide timely corrective actions on defects.
  • Support Manufacturing and field organizations on design and testing related issues.
  • Produce analyses and mathematical models, and draw design conclusions based on those.
  • Conduct or participate in multidisciplinary technical reviews of projects.
  • Contribute to design standards and support design re-use.
  • Create and maintain product documentation. Provide technical support to field and customers through InTouch.
  • Assign, direct and review work of technicians and provide guidance to engineers. Mentor others as required.
  • Share expertise via Eureka and special interest groups. Build informal network throughout the organization. Author technical reports, papers, articles, patents and presentations.
  • Continually evaluate engineering approaches and risks.
  • Keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets. Adopt new practices readily to develop innovative and low-cost products. Keep updated on software technology, particularly within the embedded domain.
  • Comply with the embedded software development process.
  • Maintain familiarity with company technology, organization and business.


Career Advancement:

SLB Eureka Technical Career (SETC) provides proven technical contributors with a career path that offers them recognition, reward, and influence that parallels an equivalent management progression. We are leaders in Technology Domain Knowledge – Our Eureka Community of practice has over 28,500 members, in 30 communities, with 123 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We’ve published over 10,000 publications in the past decade. The early stage of SETC known as “SETC Associate”, is a new addition to the SETC Framework in the Technology Organization. This ensures you have the appropriate training within the team and SLB, and allows multiple networking opportunities throughout the company.


BlueFlex (if eligible):

We are open to flexible, hybrid working with a combination of on-site & home working days.


What we can offer you:

Competitive base salary with bonus, private healthcare for employee & family, subsidised dental care, Health & Wellbeing programs such as the Employee Mental health support, health & wellness coaching, part employer and employee funded pension contribution, Income protection scheme, life insurance.

Other benefits are also available through the SLB flexible benefits program.


SLB is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.