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Job Details

STE - Application Development

Menlo Park - United States

Role: Front End Software Engineer

Position title: Software Engineer

Technology | Digital



Software Technology Innovation Center (STIC), Menlo Park, CA, USA



The Schlumberger Frontend Engineer evaluates emerging technologies and provides innovative Frontend and development solutions for Schlumberger transformational services and products.

The Frontend Software Engineer is responsible for implementing web and mobile designs and visual elements to allow users to see and interact with them directly. They will be called upon to create user experiences for IoT, Big Data, AI, ML, Voice interfaces, and other technical groups as needed. This role will work collaboratively and iteratively with engineering, various stakeholders, UX designers, and other tech center teams.



Reports to Software Project Manager, Engineering manager, Team Leader or Subject Matter Expert


Responsibilities and Duties


  • Build sophisticated and elegant user interfaces for web that are responsive and can be ported to mobile solutions easily
  • Collaborate with user experience and visual designers, developers and product owners to implement scalable and interactive applications.
  • Keep abreast of novel technical concepts and markets.
  • Provide technical leadership and documentation to developers and stakeholders.
  • Apply usability procedures and principles as defined at the project or Product Line level or through customer input.
  • Build prototypes, products and systems that meet the project quality standards and requirements.
  • Contribute to and supports re-use through common components that are well documented and tested.
  • Interact and engage with customers, users, Product Managers and Technical Architects to understand needs and increase the positive impact on users’ experience.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Masters or PhD in Computer Science, Web Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Visual Design
  • Graduate coursework or experience in different technical fields with Human Computer Interaction / User Experience a plus
  • Have a good understanding of latest technology trends for frontend development for Cloud applications
  • Background in working with interfaces for Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Background in working with Voice interfaces
  • Background/understanding of different frameworks such as Angular, React, StencilJS, Three.js, WebComponents, etc
  • Background in working with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  • Background or graduate coursework in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or Bioinformatics and/or Text Information Systems


  • Interpersonal communication.
  • Oral and written communication.
  • Team player respected by peers.
  • Leadership in applying and mentoring best practices.
  • Learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent time-management, multi-tasking, and communication skills.
  • Capable of juggling multiple projects and related complexities at the same time.


The Frontend Engineer will work at the SLB Software Technology Innovation Center (STIC) in Menlo Park, California. SLB STIC is the newest facility of Schlumberger, located in the Silicon Valley, working in close collaboration with major players in the Valley network. The STIC offers its professionals a broad aspect of interaction opportunities within leading software industry partners, universities and the large network of Schlumberger Technology Centers around the world, that support Schlumberger activities in more than 85 countries.

STIC is part of the SLBr Software Technology organization, responsible for leading the SLB digital technology initiatives. As the oil and gas industry’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management, and information solutions to customers worldwide, the SLB digital technology development and management initiatives play a key role in driving of the oilfield service industry’s digital technology transformation.