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Electrical Material & process Engineer

Clamart - France

We are a global technology company, driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.

At SLB we create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. That is our purpose. As innovators, that’s been our mission for 100 years. We are facing the world’s greatest balancing act- how to simultaneously reduce emissions and meet the world’s growing energy demands. We’re working on that answer. Every day, a step closer.

Our collective future depends on decarbonizing the fossil fuel industry, while innovating a new energy landscape. It’s what drives us. Ensuring progress for people and the planet, on the journey to net zero and beyond. For a balanced planet.

Our Purpose

Together, we create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.
You can find out more about us on https://www.slb.com/who-we-are

Job title:

Electrical Material & process Manager 


Clamart, France

Job Summary: 

SLB is a global technology company, driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.​​​​​​ We are​​​​​​ providing reliable, accessible, and affordable energy to meet growing demand, while rapidly decarbonizing for a sustainable future.

Electronics are widely used enabling measurements, data processing and communication. As energy industry is entering digital era, importance of electronics is ever increasing. Electronic performances and packaging are sensitive to temperature and to environment. Most of electronic technologies are made for commercial use and rarely for the extreme use conditions. Due to the harsh environment and high temperature, specific technologies must be used according to tool mission profile.

Objective of the Electrical Materials and Processes engineer will be to develop, to validate and to maintain the electrical technology (Roadmap, design flow) and to support/help the different projects for the selection and use of appropriate technology (materials, processes….)

The engineer will be integrated in the ECE organization and will work in very close cooperation with engineering, manufacturing, and sustaining teams.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

The mission of the Electrical Material and processes Engineer is:

  • Material Technology development and validation
    • Definition and execution of the technology roadmap
    • Selection and qualification of materials used for PWA and MCM technologies
    • Definition and validation of assembly processes
    • Qualification of material suppliers and EMS
    • Definition of complete material / technology parameters
      • Usage and limits
      • Definition of design rules and guidelines
      • Project check lists
      • Associated Models development for simulation
  • Electronic reliability model development - Data analysis for diagnostics and prognostics
  • Support of design teams in materials selection
    • Selection of appropriate technology regarding tool mission profile
    • Selection of appropriate EMS/suppliers
    • Materials selection
  • Support of manufacturing teams
    • Participate with quality team to the different audits and action follow-up of suppliers
    • Follow-up of technical issues in manufacturing (DoE and failure analysis)
  • Management of materials standards/procedures
    • Definition and redaction of the materials standards/procedures
  • Technology watch and trainings
    • Look for market evolution and validate new technologies
    • Participation to workshop, conference…
    • Develop and maintain specific training session regarding material for electrical technologies

Required skills

  • Education / Qualifications  & level of studies: Msc, Doctorate
  • Special skills: Materials for electronics, solders,
  • Adhesives, micro-packaging, advance packaging, heterogeneous system, electronic, sustainability
  • Languages: French, English


  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to learn
  • Analytical thinker
  • Able to provide creative and innovative solutions

Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law.