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Electronics Technician

Duri - Indonesia


Technology Lifecycle Management | TLM Direct


The Electrician is responsible for ensuring on-time delivery of equipment as per operational demands. The Electrician improves maintenance related nonproductive time ratio of assets within the Maintenance Base (MB), and improves maintenance efficiency and people productivity.


These responsibilities are activities that correspond to the metro stops and key processes.

Execute and Close-Out Maintenance Work Order
Perform Maintenance Scheduling
Perform Equipment Initial Maintenance Evaluation
Reconcile Post Job Resources
Dispose Equipment

Additional Responsibilities

  • Maintain assigned equipment according to the pertinent maintenance program and compliant with the reliability centered maintenance strategy through adherence to the Computerized Maintenance Management System and standard work.
  • Adhere to transactional discipline within Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) business systems to record materials and supplies, labor costs and equipment maintenance performance history such as movements, work orders, parts used and time to maintain.
  • Comply with TLM Product Line standards.
  • Participate in the continuous improvement culture, initiatives and improvement plans within the MB to improve asset utilization and cost of service delivery (CoSD).
  • Participate in continuous improvement efforts to improve asset turnaround time, which includes reducing downtime due to maintenance, parts and repair authorization numbers, failures and work-in-process.
  • Support continuous improvement efforts to improve the efficiency and productivity of Maintenance Technicians.
  • Implement CoSD projects, such as the planned repair and reuse of parts.
  • Participate in failure investigations as assigned.
  • Comply with the TLM Competency Management System.

Experience & Exposures:

  • Failure Analysis