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Job Details

Subsea Intervention Engineer

Kakinada - India

  • Provide inputs / Philosophy pertaining to PM Schedule of Subsea Equipment, Long Term Storage Requirement, Preservation requirement etc. as required. Any periodic inspection which needs to be carried out for Subsea Equipment Installed in subsea.
  • Responsible for updating SOP / SMP pertaining to Subsea Equipment / Hardware and their Maintenance.
  • Responsible for execution of Site Acceptance Test of Subsea Equipment / Spares procured by Client through OSS.
  • Responsible for execution of Site Receipt Test of Subsea Equipment retrieved from Subsea.
  • Responsible for execution of Mobilization Check and De-Mobilization checks for Subsea Equipment going and coming from Offshore.
  • Shall specify min / max level of spares required, identify critical spares, storage condition requirement for Spares / Subsea equipment.
  • Conducting Audit at Client’s and Contractor Premise of stored Spares and Client Owned Tools.
  • Specify design functional requirements for installation/intervention aids required to conduct the work.
  • Assist Client Personnel for Procurement of Subsea Equipment / ROV Tools / Spares.
  • Inspection of Client Procured Subsea Equipment / ROV Tools / Spares.
  • Provide inputs for preparation of the work plan for the Intervention Operations.
  • Plan, prepare, and develop procedures for Subsea Intervention Operations.
  • Interface with Client Personnel and Contractor’s Affiliates to support Subsea Intervention Work.
  • Responsible for Close-Out of Client’s Technical Query with response from concerned group within OSS related to Intervention & Hardware.
  • Responsible for providing Actions / recommendation for Field Anomaly Report pertaining to Subsea Equipment / ROV Interfaces on Installed Assets.
  • Reporting to Client on progress, risks and interfaces with area of Responsibility.
  • Participate and involve as required in HAZID, HAZOP studies and workshops as required by Client.
  • Review all ROV interfaces and systems available to carry out Subsea intervention works and ensure fit for purpose. Ensures interfaces issues are addressed for Subsea Equipment.
  • Responsible for ensuring all aspects like ROV Access / Deployment & Recovery Speed / Interface of Client Owned Tools with Subsea Equipment / Correct Marking / Approach to Subsea Installed Asset are covered and addressed adequately while developing Subsea Intervention Procedure.
  • Responsible for Intervention methodology adopted during Subsea Intervention.
  • Adhere to Client HAZOP procedure and participate in Risk Assessment conducted by Client
  • Review the detail procedures developed by Client for Subsea Intervention Operations.
  • Responsible for Loading/Unloading of Subsea Equipment at Support Base.
  • Responsible for safe handling and operation / deployment / retrieval of Client Owned Tools & Subsea Equipment during Offshore Intervention.
  • Responsible for safe execution of Subsea Intervention including XMT Installation and tie-in Job.
  • Provide input to the Daily Progress Report and the quarterly / annual Plan.
  • Submit Report for all Intervention Carried out along with details such as Client Owned Tool Used / Replacement of Subsea Equipment Done / Any anomaly / Incident during Intervention / Lesson Learned / Recommendation for Continuous Improvement.
  • Prepare & Submit Monthly Handover Report (Summary of Intervention Activities, Major Issues like anomaly / On-going Critical Intervention etc.) to counterpart with copy to Client’s personnel to ensure efficient discharge of Responsibilities without any communication gap.

Years of experience - minimum 5 years