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Ranch Hand Intern

Chapman Ranch - United States

  • SLB Hunting Club (SHC) a King Ranch Laurels hunting lease, located just south of Corpus Christi, TX is looking for interns starting at the end of the spring 2023 semester. The goal of the internship at SHC is to teach the individuals the commercial hunting industry. This includes ranch work along with customer engagement and entertainment. The internship will run through the summer and possibly continue into the hunting season, based on performance of individuals.
    Duties will include but not be limited to:
    • filling wildlife feeders
    • operating tractors and road equipment
    • brush clearing
    • lodge maintenance
    • household duties
    • firearms training
    Entertainment and customer engagement is the livelihood to the commercial hunting industry. Interns will be spending time with customers in a supervised manor to learn engagement. Wildlife courses taught trough out the collegiate curriculum teach the fundamental processes of wildlife management but may not touch on all operational aspects that go into a wildlife driven ranch. Here at SHC we teach inters the way to become a professional in the wildlife industry by giving an opportunity to apply your schooling and hands on knowledge. At SHC you will learn many things from wildlife theories to ranch operations. The goal is to become adverse in your surroundings. Not every day goes as planned and learning how to adapt and overcome is a large part of wildlife and ranching. Interns may not master everything but must be familiar with the process of how a wildlife/commercial hunting ranch operates to be successful. SHC is looking for individuals with the drive to learn and work. We have many diverse individuals here at SHC and would like the opportunity to teach the next generation of wildlife professionals.