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Commercial and Business

Our commercial and business teams ensure we’re continuing to build an agile organization that is ready to lead the future. You’ll gain a truly unique insight into the energy industry and what it takes to develop and maintain a globally-leading business. You’ll also learn how our commitment to doing what’s right, not what’s easiest translates into our day-to-day business decisions that help us achieve our ambition to become the best-run company in the world. That ambition and the determination to realize it creates a working environment that will help you achieve your full potential, faster.

Joining a finance team within a leading organization in the energy industry offers opportunities you won’t find in many other places. You’ll sit at the heart of a global organization and work on fast-paced financial projects in one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Our career path approach means you’ll be able to work in different parts of our business and develop a suite of skills that offer you a flexible future.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting or in finance
  • Quick-thinking problem solver who relishes working in a fast-paced environment

We offer the following roles: Management Accountant, Treasury Accountant, or Tax Accountant

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Our early careers job postings provide an opportunity for students and recent graduates to submit an application for consideration and do not correlate with a specific vacancy at this point in time. Submitting your details will enable us to match you to future career opportunities. Please read the qualifications section carefully before applying—we will only consider candidates who meet the minimum listed criteria.