Recruitment Fraud

Recruiting scams: Be vigilant.

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Notice on Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud from groups pretending to be SLB—or claiming to represent SLB—may be sent in a variety of formats, including e-mail, text, social media and letter.

Most often, an e-mail is sent offering employment with SLB. These e-mails often look legitimate and will include details of the employment supposedly on offer, such as job description, salary, and benefits. They usually request payment from prospective employees to obtain visas or immigration documents. You may be referred to an organization that requests fees for processing the documents. In some cases you may be told you will be reimbursed for all the costs.

Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity if you receive a communication or e-mail regarding potential employment, or an invitation to submit applications to a public email address, supposedly from SLB.

Please do not send money or pass any personal details to anyone suggesting they can provide employment with SLB. If you have applied for a position through a legitimate channel, we will have the information needed.

If you are unsure a communication you have received is genuine, please review the guidance below:
  • We never make job offers without performing a formal interview process.
  • Prospective employees are always invited to an interview with SLB personnel before any offer of employment is made. The location of the interview is always provided to candidates either by phone, or e-mail from a verifiable SLB e-mail account.
  • Do not send money. No money transfers or payments of any kind will ever be requested by SLB as part of the recruitment process, for immigration documents, insurance, or any other purpose.
  • SLB website pages always include Any other format is not genuine. SLB will never request a prospective applicant to visit a website with any address that does not include
  • Verify the email address. SLB e-mails always end in "". Any e-mail styled with the SLB logo but using a different e-mail format is not genuine. SLB will never request a prospective applicant to e-mail information to an e-mail address not ending in ""; regardless of the origin of the e-mail, you should always question the authenticity of any unsolicited e-mails seeking money or personal details, irrespective of the e-mail address.
  • Our executive managers do not conduct unsolicited job interviews.

Should you believe you have received a fraudulent communication, please forward the email as an attachment, to: SLB will strive to investigate the situation and take corrective action.