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Schlumberger Careers

Connecting Virtually to Support Professional Development

Providing insights about Schlumberger through our webinar series

This summer the Schlumberger Insights webinar series is showcasing our employees and technological expertise as well as providing career advice for students.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we moved to a remote working and learning environment, hosting online workshops presented an opportunity to engage with students virtually,” says Beth Kremer, Schlumberger recruiter and organizer of the webinar series. “At the same time, we wanted to help students gain new skills and provide tips for their career search–as they navigate this new normal.”

Headshot of Beth Kremer, Schlumberger Recruiter

Eight episodes were developed covering a range of topics including sustainability, diversity and inclusion, technological innovation, and employee experience.

“In order to create meaningful connections with students virtually, we focused our webinars around personal stories,” explains Beth. “The students were great at providing open and honest feedback about what was working well and room for improvements, so we would continually evolve the webinar content.”

Discover extracts from the Schlumberger Insights webinars on our YouTube channel. You can view the full schedule below:

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