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Schlumberger France Awarded HappyTrainees Label Again for 2020

For the third year running, interns have chosen Schlumberger as a top 10 employer based on an annual survey run by

Throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, the Technology interns from Schlumberger-Riboud Product Centre, France Conveyance and Surface equipment and Montpelier Technology Centre (MpTC) were asked to rate their experience with Schlumberger with regards to various aspects.

These aspects ranged from professional progression, work environment, quality of management, motivation, pride and fun/pleasure.

The interns from France scored us a recommendation of 90.6%, and this is an impressive increase from last year when we scored 81.6%!

This is a great achievement for Schlumberger as we performed particularly well in our Quality of Management, Professional Progression and Stimulating Environment, with many of the interns highlighting how they felt “easily integrated into the organization” and that they felt the “work is efficiently organized with respect to personal balance”.

It is exciting news to hear that our interns are really enjoying their time with us and would recommend us with such a high rating.

We would like to congratulate all the management and internship teams for this global achievement, and for helping Schlumberger to sustain our reputation and global visibility!