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Our Challenge to you: Avoid Compromise.

Imagine What You Could Achieve.

Our Challenge to You: Avoid Comprimise

The Schlumberger Pune India Technology Center (PITC) is growing. We need new people to undertake inspiring digital projects and to raise expectations of what is possible. Our mission is one of determination and imagination—to remain at the pinnacle of global technology and to take our company further than anyone believes is possible.

Working smarter and faster

Tasked with discovering new ways to make Schlumberger more efficient through digital enablement, the PITC is developing some of the world’s most technologically advanced business systems.

We’re creating a dynamic team of specialists across various business domains, including planning, sales, operations, procurement, supply chain and logistics, finance, and human resources, as well as experts in SAP and other business systems. As we build applications for the Schlumberger field organization, we’re looking for talented people who can build Android and IOS mobile applications and who have UX design experience.

Ambitious? So are we

Gagan Kapoor, who is heading up the SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) in Pune, says, “There aren’t many companies our size attempting such an ambitious multi-year IT transformation and we are offering a great opportunity to be a part of one of the largest greenfield SAP programs in the world, which we will be deploying across 35 GeoMarkets† in 85 countries over the next 4 years.

Data science and analytics to drive our company

Using big data technologies such as Hadoop® and analytics platforms such as SAS®, we process vast amounts of business information collected in various systems to analyze complex information and gain unique business insights which we use to transform the way we work. And it’s the input and expertise from our people that really makes the difference to how we operate as a company, now and in the future.

Pradeep Shetty, Advanced Analytics Manager & Principal Data Scientist, says, “It’s an exciting time to join us and be a driving force in our technology transformation. Data and analytics play a critical role in each and every step of these complex engineering areas. We are not only collecting high volumes of structured and unstructured data in real-time, but also a rich set of business systems and knowledge management data.

“This field is statistically uncertain requiring efficient modelling, prediction and simulation frameworks, which makes it a really interesting area in which to work. We are driving the implementation of Schlumberger strategy on the use of data sciences to solve complex problems.”

Operating our global business systems

The PITC is tasked with operating hundreds of global business systems for Schlumberger—located in our data centers and operated on the cloud. We need skilled team members to provide design, development and execution expertise. Our team is growing and we have opportunities for those looking for high levels of responsibility to join us, and to manage the migration of our current applications and systems.

People creating impact

Schlumberger is no newcomer to India or to IT. We have been operating in the Indian market for more than 80 years serving customers such as ONGC in our field operations. We’ve always been evolving our business, but at our core is technology, and today we have countless career paths across the multi-faceted pore-to-pipeline technology company we have become. Through the PITC, we have access to the best talent in the computing sciences and information technology sector.

Sudeep Srivastava, who heads up the Mobility group and looks after UX at the PITC, concludes, “We have built a culture where technology flourishes and where every individual is given an opportunity to contribute, make a business impact and derive personal growth along the way through continuous self-development and enrichment.”

Sudeep is a strong believer in the power of teamwork, a philosophy he also applies outside the office as a talented sportsman.

Did you know?

  • At the forefront of new digital technology development and application, Schlumberger helps our customers meet the growing demand for oil and gas. We develop, manufacture and apply the most advanced technical solutions to improve production from existing fields and find hydrocarbons in increasingly challenging environments.
  • A large landscape of applications and systems in dedicated data centers and in the cloud serve over 105,000 employees in 23 technology segments and functions in over 80 countries.
  • One of the largest greenfield deployment programs combining on-premises and cloud-operated systems using the latest SAP technologies, including SAP S4/Hana, Cloud for Customer (C4C), Ariba and SuccessFactors®.
  • We use Hadoop®, Spark®, R®, and SAS® on large scale clusters on the cloud to build analytics-based workflows to improve operational decision making.
  • We build multi-platform applications on iOS and Android, both natively and using the Xamarin® platform.

† GeoMarkets are geographical areas where Schlumberger does business. They may consist of a country, a part of a country, or multiple countries.