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From Engineer to Managing Director

Words of wisdom to inspire young professionals on their career journey

In this interview, Schlumberger’s Ali Al Lawati, Managing Director, Oman, Pakistan and Yemen, reflects on what’s inspired his career path and shares careers insights for young professionals.

What are some the tips he gives to young professionals? “Be flexible, accept challenges, and reflect on your long-term goals,” he says, “ensure you deliver above what you think you can deliver. We all have hidden abilities that won’t come out until we push ourselves.”

He describes how after joining the company as an engineer, he moved into managerial and operational roles and what it takes to be a leader: “As a leader you need to ensure you support all stakeholders but achieve a common objective that benefits all. Everyone has a role to play. You deliver as a team not as an individual.”

Read the full interview in Oman National Young Professionals Magazine.

Ali Al Lawati
Ali Al Lawati, Managing Director- Oman, Pakistan and Yemen


Featured in Oman National Young Professionals Magazine, October 2021.