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Celebrating International Women's Day in Indonesia

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, Schlumberger teams around the world held events bringing together employees from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

In Indonesia, a full-day digital event was held with the theme “Empowered Women Empower Women.” Among the speakers were Yulianty and Pratiwi, inspirational female role models who shared their experiences on managing professional and personal milestones.


Meet Yulianty

Yulianty started at Schlumberger as a field engineer. Through dedication to her work, venturing outside her comfort zone and challenging herself, she eventually went on to her current role as Reservoir Performance Division GeoUnit Manager.

When asked how she navigates being part of a-male dominated industry, Yulianty candidly shared that when facing challenging situations in her career, the key to overcome these is through your knowledge, experience and pushing for your opinion to be heard.

“As women, we do have a responsibility too,” she stresses. “We must take part and change the view, have open and frank conversations with men about how we think and what we think.”

Working in her position has entailed substantial travel and relocating abroad several times. She recently celebrated an impressive milestone, having worked 20 years at Schlumberger. As she reflected on her demanding journey to get to where she is now, she praised the company for opening the door to unlimited possibilities and new challenges.

Yulianty is optimistic about the future and encourages employees to embrace new opportunities, to cultivate teamwork, rather than competition, and to promote equality. ‘’Gender should be seen as a continuum, not a stasis in society’’, she emphasizes.


Meet Pratiwi

Pratiwi’s dynamic path to becoming GeoUnit Finance Manager began when she joined the company in 2002 as a managing accountant.

Wearing many different hats since then, from business analyst to operations controller, she made the decision to take a sabbatical leave to start a family and picked up her career right where she left off a couple of years later. ‘’So, for my colleagues, especially women, it is okay to have a pause or a break or a slowdown in your career journey to prioritize your other priorities in life’’, she says.

She highlights the importance of work-life balance in order to perform better in the workplace. “For me, I have to set the boundaries for my work, my family and myself. From 8am to 6pm I am committed to my work, unless there’s an urgency for me to stay longer, otherwise after 6pm I switch my priority to myself and my family,” she explains.

Pratiwi assures that having her priorities set and the support of her family are crucial to her success, and this has boosted her confidence to be independent, self-sufficient and full of aspirations for the future.

“Don’t be afraid to aim high, both personally and professionally. The sky is your limit, always challenge yourself. You don’t grow when you are comfortable,” she shares.

The key to taking on so many challenges and being so versatile resides in an inspiring principle that she strives to live by: “Know the purpose, trust the process and enjoy the present."

Learn about the initiatives that Schlumberger is taking to achieve gender balance here.

The company’s gender balance actions are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #5 and #10. Learn more about the company’s workforce diversity here.

Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender EqualitySustainability Development Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities