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Twenty-four high school students participated in a hands-on workshop about the entire oil exploration and production process. Our Oil-X Program has previously been conducted in Stonehouse (UK), Rosharon (Texas) and, this time, the program took place in the Sugar Land Product Center in Texas.

The students engaged in multiple hands-on challenges that provided them with the necessary key knowledge to be able to complete the Oil-X Program and worked in teams of three to carry out all the activities. They learnt about the fundamentals of geology and took part in a role-play exercise to understand how the different levels of the supply chain work. They also took part in workshops related to electrical, manufacturing, and software engineering.

Oil-x-seed classroom with high school students listening to a presentation given by a Schlumberger Employee

Those students wearing personal protective equipment were allowed visited multiple facilities to gain further knowledge of how Schlumberger performs Testing and Manufacturing, which included environmental testing facilities, and cable manufacturing facilities.

Oil-X Seed project the students worked on

During the execution part of the program, each team receives a “reservoir”, an opaque plastic tank filled with layers of water, oil, and shaving cream that resembles formations in the coast of Kenya. They then use the knowledge provided and the tools that they created to map the reservoir and provide their drilling and production plan to the client. Their results are finally presented to senior management.

Here are some words from the participants themselves about the event:

“It was really eye opening and taught me that there are a lot more things that feed into being an engineer.”

“This workshop is a wonderful program that allows a student to reach their true potential in not only oil exploration, but in many other aspects, such as teamwork and cooperation in a professional setting. Working with professionals truly gives the student a sense of professionalism and independence. The activities are challenging and fun. Being part of this program is truly a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in following a STEM-based career path.”

“Hands on, VERY interactive, amazing, and awe-inspiring; not what you usually expect of a workshop”

“You will learn a lot about different sectors of the company and how they do their stuff, it's really interesting.”