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For more than 20 years, the Performed by SLB (PbS) award program has recognized employees throughout the company who have demonstrated exceptional levels of teamwork, innovation, and impact. This work is what allows us to deliver for our customers and continue our commitment to sustainability.

Last year, the program had even more to celebrate: its first year as SLB and the first in-person award ceremony in three years.

"When people are inspired, they achieve great things," said Olivier Le Peuch. "I look forward to the Performed by SLB program every year because I get to see so many fantastic projects our teams delivered. We celebrate technical achievement, creativity and success for customers because people create amazing technology and solve challenges together."

Discover the 2022 winning projects below. We are looking forward to seeing the project submissions in 2023!



Innovation category: Ultra-Low Temp Diverter: Ultra-High Efficiency


A significant number of North Sea wells are cooled-down injector wells with a bottomhole temperature below 140 degF. At such a low temperature, traditional degradable diverters require at least a week of shut-in time after the treatment. Challenging the convention that polylactic acid was the only feasible material as a degradable diverter, our SLB team developed a new diversion material for 70–140 degF, enabling customers to resume production/injection in less than 24 hours. The new diverter is a one-of-a-kind product that can be used in any low-temperature well worldwide.

Performed by SLB Winners

Operations Excellence: Digital Factory – Asset Performance Management (APM) Reinventing the Way We Work


Digital Factory is an intelligent network of models, tools and solutions that enables a step change in asset reliability, availability and cost of service delivery. Its deployment in Saudi Arabia has delivered an 88% improvement in Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) and 28% faster asset maintenance turnaround time of the deployed fleet. Digital Factory deployment in KSA is also estimated to save around 4,500 metric tons of CO2eq in 2022.

Performed by SLB Winners

Customer Performance: INNOVATION FACTORI: Unlock the Power of AI/Digital


Through the INNOVATION FACTORI, we start with a customer challenge and leverage our rich portfolio of domain expertise and technology capabilities to ideate new approaches and work with our customers to evolve these ideas into experimental prototypes and co-development projects that create business impact at the enterprise scale. Leveraging 150+ technical experts and over 50 industry collaborations, we have applied new technologies to help deliver more than 200 solutions and create 23 new products with over 85 customers. In doing so we have authored 40 technical publications and filed 26 patents.

Performed by SLB Winners